Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Boring Old Update

Okay, so it's not really old but it is likely very boring. Nonetheless, I feel the need to update. For some reason, a few visitors around here ask me about things from previous posts. Weird, huh? There's nearly eight of you and some of you find it in your inquisitive little minds to ask me about the past. I find it so odd and yet, totally love it at the same time. I want to go outside and shout "I love blogging. It's finally all about ME!" But that would just be ridiculous, mostly.

So, on to the updating.

One of my first few posts was about the famous Aussie. Due to my instant and complete fascination with his charm, I was able to ignore the fact that he would be out of the country in mere weeks from our first meeting. So, charmed I was for those weeks and now we email and write of the strange way life works and how it doesn't make sense. This sort of sucks but no longer being one hung up on the fairy tale, I sort of just use the emails to fill my need to complain about not being able to control life and love and blah blah blah. I'm such a user.

Another popular topic is this guy. I spent a lot of time trying to get away from thinking about him. I tried drinks and dating others and trips to Vegas. Turns out, though, all I really needed to do was write about it here. It appears as though sharing your current torment on the internet is a cure-all for getting over someone. Who knew? I know, you did.

Possibly the funniest question I've received is: "Did you really not like the movie 'Hitch'?" I had a post that was strategically placed, here. Funny story, actually. You see, I was set up with this guy and I'd put off actually going out with him for a loooooong time. I knew there was something that didn't click but I finally caved and went out with him. A few days later, I think he found my blog though I'm not sure how. (Sidebar: I think he comments under the guise of "Stephen" or, sometimes, "Steven". I know, it's more frightening than I'm willing to admit). Long story short, this post was really about a bad blind date in which I felt, well, cheated.

I think that's about it for the boring-but-still-okay-enough-to-write-about questions. The few others have just been about whether or not I want to buy porn. I don't.

So thanks, visitors, for the time you spend here. I love the comments. I love visiting your sites. I love that I can write decently one day and literally spit out crap every other day and you still validate me. That's good times!

Thanks to all eight of you, more or less. Turns out, eight is enough... ha! Get it?!


GirlGoyle said...

Funny you should chose said topic today as I was just discussing with a friend how therapeutic blogging can be. It allows me to be the unconventional person I believe I am. Spew out crap that has been rattling in my head and receive opinions. And sometimes you just have to let things out. However I do have to say that I blog one I know, knows I blog or they'd probably think i have a few lose screws. Blogging = sanity. BTW - thanks for the update on Aussie...just sux how life can be such a tease sometimes.

Runner Girl FL said...

When I first checked out your blog not sooooo long ago I had gone back to read old stuff and wondered what ever I know.

Thanks for visiting me too.

justacoolcat said...

Man, I'm an insensitive lout, I admit I didn't wonder about them.

I hope you still like me anyway.

jk said...

you write really well. keep it up and you will have more than 8. :) no pressure meant, you do it naturally.

JustRun said...

gg- Yeah, people don't really know I do, either. However, most people I know already know I've got a screw loose as it is. :-)

Runnergirl- Thanks for reading... one day, maybe I'll even talk about running.

CoolCat- No worries, you men can be like that. Ha! Kidding! Well, not so much.
I still like you though.

jk- I don't know who you are but I do hope you come back. Thanks!

justacoolcat said...

Touche. ;-)

deepThoughts said...

Thanks for all the updates! It is always great fun to read your blog...even when you supposedly "spit out crap". I really enjoy your writing :)