Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I put it off for weeks, months even. I hem-hawed each time I looked at the list of choices. Sure, everyone said to give it a try but sometimes I take longer to make up my mind than most. There was always something else and besides, did I have time for it anyway?

Well, finally there was a weekend with very little to do so I had time. I got in the car, drove to Blockbuster and rented the movie 'Hitch'. Of the three people I called on my way home in hopes of having some movie companions, only one took me up on the offer.

Two hours, a couple glasses of wine and a plate of nachos later, Jill and I settled in to watch this so-called "best date movie of 2005." It started out charming, even promising but I soon realized that as cute as Will Smith can be and no matter how many times Kevin James tried to dance, my interest was fading fast. There were several enjoyable moments, I even genuinely laughed, a lot. In the end though, it just lost steam. It should have been over thirty minutes before it actually was. It went from hopeful to unbelieveable (and not unbelieveable in a good way) pretty quickly. Darn, and I had wanted this to be a good choice. Then, I could say, "why did I wait so long?" But no such luck.

Honestly, I know it was just two hours but I feel a little cheated. The kind of cheated where you say "dang, that's two hours I'll never get back" and then rush to return the movie and avoid late fees because it's definitely not worth even more time or money.

UPDATE: Months later, I feel the need to let anyone reading this know that this post was actually about a bad blind date. The movie just happened to be a convenient comparison.

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