Friday, April 13, 2007

Believe: to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing

UPDATE: I meant to add this before now but this "Believe" exercise thing is, apparently, something well known on NPR. I don't know who came up with it or how it came about, but I think it's awesome.

Well first she did it, and I thought "wow, I cannot attempt that." Then, she did it and I thought "dang, this isn't going to be easy." Then, she did it too and I thought "this is just too much."

But, like most things I do, I wasn't one hundred percent sure about it and yet, I did it anyway. After all, I am, if nothing else, a believer.

I believe that it’s okay to like stuff. I believe we are too hard on ourselves for wanting to consume what’s out there. The issue isn’t spending or buying, it’s control.

I believe happiness is a choice. Every thing, every day. Digging through crap will result in finding a pony.

I believe in the little things, like holding a door and saying “good morning.”

I believe life is very, very short but too long a journey to travel alone.

I believe our bodies are a gift, and we should make every effort to learn to love and treat them as such. I believe we are built to break a sweat.

I believe in kindness, and empathy.

I believe in the power of family, babies and puppies.

I believe you can find peace on the sea, at the top of a mountain or on your living room sofa.

I believe we were created, because I believe there are things that science just cannot explain.

I believe there is absolutely no replacement for education.

I believe music should move you, even if it’s just dancing in the car.

I believe you should approach every situation as if those involved have the best intentions. You will sometimes be disappointed.

I believe, when all else fails, you should laugh.

I believe the ocean has the capability to cure.

I believe shoes should not hurt your feet. This is probably also why I have forty-two pairs of flip flops (a.k.a. “thongs” for my Aussie friends).

I believe in Fall football, drinks with friends, and Sunday afternoon walks.

I believe you can make friends anywhere. I believe I have.

I believe a group, whether your soccer team or your entire nation, must believe in itself to succeed.

I believe we have a responsibility to our planet. I believe most of us don’t take this seriously.

I believe in questioning “the way we have always done it.”

I believe some things are worth the calories.

I believe in travel and broadening your horizons.

I believe harmless superstitions are healthy.

I believe in working hard, and playing hard.

I believe, even with all this, I’m really only on the cusp of knowing all I will truly believe in this life.


e.b. said...

Bravo - so very nicely done. See how enjoyable it is. I too thought I couldn't do it - but it turned out to be a nice activity.

Ginger Breadman said...

That was too cool. The music and the ocean ones were my favorites. And I agree with the end - there is still so much a person can continue to learn about what they believe in. Thanks for the post.

Backofpack said...

I believe that you are the wisest 20-something I know.

runliarun said...

You are a believer, yes. Nice choice for the calories :). Okay, so the other stuff was much more weighty. But I can see you - walking down the beach one Sunday afternoon, with a friend, music in your heart, a Painkiller in hand, and no pain to kill, at least for the day.

Danielle said...

Well said. Makes me think of the song "Affirmation" by Savage's got great words to it and a great beat (I've found my pace really picks up when I'm running to it!).

That is a great thing being worth the calories!! Although Cold Stone might be a close second!

justacoolcat said...

Very nice.

Joe said...

Great list! Do you believe the Vancouver Canucks can win the Stanley Cup this year?

Josh said...

I enjoy the radio program. This is a cool extension of that. Nicely done.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I believe that you have your head screwed on right. Those are a fine set of beliefs to get you through life.

And I believe you've been watching me dance in the car, haven't you?

adam said...

I believe we need more people like you!

justrun said...

EB- It was. Sometimes it's good to see it all out there like that.

Ginger- True, it never stops.

Michelle- Your wise rubs off on me, I think.

Lia- Seriously, IT'S LIKE YOU KNOW ME.

Danielle- I suspect you're right about the Cold Stone. :)

JACC- Thanks. :)

Joe- They are making more of a believer out of me every day.

Barb- No worries, I'm right there with you!

Adam- What a nice thing to say. But all that also comes with a flip flop obsession and making immature jokes about gas, don't forget. :)

Dawn said...

"I believe, when all else fails, you should laugh."

Amen sister!

Anonymous said...

I believe you are a great blogger and person and even think we are/could be friends.

singleton said...

This house believes....

Bre said...

I believe I love that you did this!! :) truly fabulous!

Orhan Kahn said...

Such sound advice!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Beautiful post! I believe!

Orhan Kahn said...

Some things are worth the calories, indeed!