Monday, February 20, 2006

With Friends Like These...

...who needs plans?

Friday night I planned to be very exciting by going home and tackling several weeks worth of laundry and a mess of a house.

3:50- Leave work.

4:00- Cell phone rings."Stop at the bar for a drink with us."

4:15- I'm having drinks with a few friends.

4:45- Hysteria ensues... everything is funnier with booze.

4:50- "What's everyone up to this weekend?" Followed by several 'nothing' answers.

5:00- Checking airline tickets to Las Vegas. All flights are either grounded due to Old Man Winter or are upwards of $400.

5:15- Brainstorming.

5:30- Cut off booze.

6:00- Headed home.

6:15- Showering and packing a bag.

6:30- Dropping the dog off at the sitter (a.k.a. Ma and Pa's house).

7:15- Jumping in a truck with an overnight bag and 3 pals for a last-minute roadtrip.

7:16- Thinking: "Holy crap, what am I doing?"

7:17- Friends say they're "glad to have me along" and "not many others would get this invite and jump on it, you're awesome."

7:17:30- Reassured and know that I've clearly made the right decision and, I sure do know some fun people.

Several hours of driving later, we're in Vegas. We went. We saw. We ate. We drank. We conquered. We left.

Lesson learned: Plans can change, and it's alright.


Abby said...

I am not good with change - especially when it involves travel. But booze would help. I'd definitely just go with the flow in that case!

As for lime away - I've never used it. But it's so definitely worth a try you have no idea. I do NOT want to break out the bleach. Yet.

Bre said...

I'm so jealous! That sounds like so. much. fun!!

JustRun said...

Abby- good luck with the Lime Away.

Bre- It was so much fun and so out of character.

Thanks for visiting ladies!

deepThoughts said...

Now that was some weekend!!! I'd been wondering what you were upto since there wasn't any post from you in 3 days - that was very unlike you :). It's all forgiven when you follow up with a post like that. Awesome!

JustRun said...

Thanks, Ms. Deep Thoughts! It was too much fun.
Maybe I'm turning over a new, non-planning leaf?!
Okay, probably not.