Sunday, August 19, 2007

The part about the run isn't really the point

Yesterday morning I got up at about 5:00 a.m. (yes, on a Saturday) to get my run in. I wanted to do twelve miles and avoid the heat. I'd also had a thrilling Friday evening of watching Music and Lyrics (we thought it was just "eh") and going to bed early so I figured I was setting myself up for a great morning run. Aren't I mature.

Well, almost because for some very non-mature reason, my idea of carb loading on Friday night was cereal and popcorn. I know. So for miles 1-3, I felt great. It was easy. Just about that time when I started feeling that great I-could-run-forever euphoric feeling that never comes around often enough, my poor choices from the night before came back to haunt me. We'll just say it felt like someone was putting a citrus peeler under my ribs and stirring. And trust me, I could get much more graphic than that, but even the memory alone is far too painful.

And you'd think I would have stopped, but no because despite my upper abdominal muscles being in some sort of seizure, I was determined. Well that determination took me another five miles before I gave up and walked the remaining mile home. Nine miles felt like nineteen. I sat down on the couch and stared at the wall, asking myself why I'd ever gotten up to begin with.

But I'm not really telling the entire story, here. There was actually another reason I got up early yesterday. I wanted to get that run out of the way because I had somewhere to be.

Some friends of mine have a small ranch property in Eastern Colorado- you know, horses, cows, pastures- and I'd been invited out to ride. Yes, horses. I am not going to lie, I was Christmas morning excited about this all week.

I've been around horses on and off my entire life. I can't remember my first ride and I've never owned my own horse, but I've always had friends with horses and I've always known enough to get by. So when I pulled up yesterday after having driven down miles and miles of dirt road and my friend said "are ya ready?" I was. At this point, I still had no idea we were actually going to be doing anything with a purpose. Sometime during the whole "saddling up" process, my friend says we're going to move some cows. Wait, what?

I'll save the whole story of how I had an internal freak out and managed to stay calm and just tell you, this is some of the most fun I've ever had. And the most tired I've ever been. Some friends from up the road (or "over yonder" as I started calling it- I know, I'm hilarious) joined us and we herded and moved the cattle from one pasture to an adjacent pasture in less than an hour. I probably just used five words incorrectly and sounded like some ridiculous city girl, but that's fine.

It was hot, dirty, tiring, and so much fun. And when we were finished, and did some "fun" riding, we came back to the house, had a couple beers, watched an incredible rain storm blow across the prairie, followed by rainbows and a beautiful sunset.

I was told I am allowed to come back and help again. And I will, next time I'm over yonder.
I think I'm ready for my spurs now.


SecretGirl said...

Wow you're amazing with your determination. Not skipping your run ... that's awesome!

And those pics are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Like, Whoa!

That first picture especially is SO beautiful!

Now I want to go horse riding and go out in the country. I think I've only ridden a horse about four times in my life. But I remember when I rode one for the first time
they said I was good and sat straight etc. I was about six. I didn't like horses much then because all kids like horses... and dolphins. So I was a contrary child. But now I like horses. They're enormous! And you ride 'em! They put cats and goldfish to shame.

- I'm at uni and couldn't be bothered logging in ;D

Backofpack said...

I had a horse when I was growing up. Half-broke horse, half-trained rider. What a combo! I hit the ground more than once. I haven't ridden in about 16 years though.

We watched three movies this weekend: Pursuit of Happyness, Dreamgirls and Music and Lyrics. Seems like we do this in bursts, then go about six weeks before we watch another. Rick has Wild Hogs and is going to bring it by for us to watch - it's supposed to be hilarious. We'll see...

Airam said...

Those pictures are incredible!!

And I love how dedicated you are ... I need some inspiration like that.

Bre said...

that is over the top spectacularly gorgeous! I am monumentally jealous!

e.b. said...

those are breathtaking pictures - i think you've commented before regarding the different clouds and topography. we just don't get things like that down here.

Sparky said...

Spurs are not to be taken lightly friend.

Never, ever squat.


Happy monday.

Sizzle said...

what phenomenal photos!

that sounds totally fun...and productive. heh.

Sempre Libera said...

Wow, that sounds like fun! And what beautiful scenery.

The run on not enough food - we've all been there. Lesson learned for next time...

justacoolcat said...

Running and riding in the same day? Unreal.

Those pictures are amazing.

sue said...

Gorgeous photos!

Now you've reminded me of my horse experiences...gotta go blog... ;)

brandy said...

Nice photos! Between you and e.b. I've got some great sources of inspiration! As for horses, I'm a fan. I know so many people who are scared of them, but they really are just amazing to be around.

brookem said...

good for you for sticking with the run! do you have a race coming up you're training for?
i rode a horse two weekends ago. her name was misty. that was i think?, my first time ever on a horse and four beers in, let me tell you, i had the time of my life.
beautiful pictures!

afuntanilla said...

very cool. neat pics

appletini said...

I LOVE horse back riding.... beautiful pix ;)

Danielle said...

I so love horses myself and used to know someone all the time that had one, now it's not so easy to find and I lost out on a couple of great opportunities just being too lazy to drive...ah well.

Beautiful pictures!

adam said...

That is one great rainbow photo! It almost makes me want to live on the flat and boring side of the front range, NOT! But it is beautiful nonetheless.

one little acorn said...

What a fantastic day and the pic of the field with the dark sky and rainbows in the background is magic. Doesn't it feel good to be physically tired after a hard days (hours) work. Sounds like fun.