Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Boring, but someone asked

Okay, relate to me. I know you can. Sometimes, I sit down all ready to write and my fingers start moving and yet, I have nothing but crap to talk about and crap is never good. At least not over and over again. You do this, right? I know you do, you must. It's like the chi isn't flowing right, or something. My chi knowledge is limited but I'm pretty sure that's the problem.

It seems to be that time lately. The end of Summer, Fall on the horizon. Some things winding down, others just beginning. Could it be that I'm feeling all transition-y again? Oh no, certainly not me. I never get that way.

Lately I think we're all there a little bit, though. Today, after my three mile run I met my sister and watched my nephew while she did her run. When she returned, we almost simultaneously said "why did we do that?" It's just one of those times when you're either overwhelmed, exhausted or a combination of both and the thought of putting more effort into something than you need to just makes no sense.

Which leads me to this: Email question time. Yay!

(Over the course of days/weeks/months, I had a few emails. I'm sorry, I know, I suck at returning them promptly. Again, sorry. No good excuse, no excuses at all. Anyway.)

Here are a few things I've been asked, in no particular order:

1. Do you really think the kind of shoes someone has for running are that important?

Yes, I do. Yes. Yes. Yes. And absolutely yes. Without going into great detail and/or "preachy speech" I must say yyyyyyeeeeeeessssss! Running in the right shoes (or even extensive walking, for that matter) will be the thing that makes the biggest difference in your running. It can mean the difference between yards and mileage, between injury and health, between comfort and misery. They are important for every part of your body, not just your feet. Your back, your knees, every joint will thank you for having the right shoe on your foot. Go to a running store, have your gait evaluated (by someone over the age of twelve) and try on every shoe until you feel like it's right. Yes, this takes time but it is just as, if not more, important than any part of your training. Promise.

2. What do you do with your dog when you travel?

She stays home alone, but after this last trip we're going to have to quit that. She totally had a huge party and the cops were called and my fancy import rugs were ruined. She's lost her freedom.

Quite honestly, she stays with my mother, who loves her like a grandchild. She comes home all hyped up and thinking she has a chair at the dinner table. It takes weeks to retrain.

3. What are you going to school for?

To remind myself not to end sentences in prepositions.

Ha, kidding. Well, sort of. I am not going for my M.B.A. This whole school thing is still a little new for me though so give me some more time to decide how and when I want to talk about it and then I will. Promise.

4. Why don't you move your site? It could be so much better.

Though I don't think it sucks now, I understand this question. Soon come, my friend.

5. You are always going somewhere. When are you traveling again?

I hit the road again- and hopefully for the last time this year- in eleven days. No, it won't be the last I travel for the year. Of course not. Just hopefully the last time I do it on wheels for a while.

6. Do you weight train?

Yes, two to three times a week. Not because I love to have bulging muscles or to get ripped, but because of how it makes me feel. I like the feeling of a stronger body when I run. It's hard to describe, but I have felt like a running blob of floppiness before and this year, with serious dedication to weights, I have felt great. It sort of keeps all things in their place, if you know what I mean. Clothes fit better, even if you haven't lost an ounce in weight. Make sense?

7. Are you going to move? Where would you go if you could go anywhere?

Probably not within the next year. I have some commitments and some things I'd like to see through here first. And, I have a sweet, adorable, 16 month-old nephew and awesome sister who are here for the next 6-9 months and I wouldn't trade these times for the world.

If I were given a choice, and really put a lot of thought into moving (and the timing, work and finances, etc. were right) I'd ideally split my time, between here and other places that feel like home. Sort of like retirees do, but without A.A.R.P.

8. Do you really not know when someone is flirting?

No, I would have to say I really don't. I'd say I really have a better idea of how to notice this after the comments from that post and I certainly feel less alone in my flirt-detecting oblivion than I did before. Why? Do you have a flirt detector I should know about?


Anonymous said...

I loved this post. But, really your blog is wonderful no need to move it. I actually hate it when people move their blogs because it is horrible to have to type all that info that wordpress and other sites want you to type - that's just my opinion.

e.b. said...

The nerve of some people, sheesh. Those are some interesting questions.

Sizzle said...

i feel the transitory-ness too.

Danielle said...

Change in season...ah yes...

Your blog is just fine where it is. Just think how much work it is to change it!

JustRun said...

Nicole- I hear the same from the Wordpressers that come to Blogger. Is there no happy medium?

e.b. - It's a nice little collection. Managerie, if you will.

Sizzle- It's a transition-y time, I believe.

Danielle- I know, but I may be a glutton for hard work.

brandy said...

Let the record state, that although i love wordpress, I was not the one to ask when you are switching and to imply that your current site is less than fabulous. Because it IS fabulous. And I'm with e.b. ... some interesting questions you got!

justacoolcat said...

Shoes are so important for all sports, but you forgot the most important aspect; they must look good.

As for #4, I wouldn't recommend moving from Blogger as it's owned by The Googles and lists really really high with search engines.

The Exception said...

No need to move this site - it is great as is!

I am starting to feel that transitioning thing as well. The change of seasons truly does have an impact on my life in ways other than the nature around me.

Anonymous said...

Quite the questions, eh? ;) Love the mention of your dog throwing a party when you left... I think pets tend to do this when left alone. I've experienced much of the same... :)

Backofpack said...

I like the post, I find it the questions and answers interesting, Grandma's are meant to spoil, so for now it'll have to be your dog, and fall always brings that feeling of change.

Anonymous said...

I relate to your first paragraph. Completely.

Shoes do matter.

I'd read what you write wherever it was posted.

one little acorn said...

So many questions and some great answers! No 8. Do you really not know when someone is flirting? This is one for me too! I have the same problem - I seriously have NO idea. Friends would say... ooh he was flirting with you! and I'd say. Who? Him? Nah... he was just being friendly. He wasn't interested!
Great blog. No need to change!

egan said...

I don't get why someone would think the brand or type of shoes doesn't matter. Think about how much weight and time one spends on their feet.

Embrace the flirtation!

singleton said...

"other places that feel like home"

brookem said...

very interesting questions my friend! yeah, im liking your digs here very much. if it isn't broke, dont fix it, right?

Dawn said...

I love weight training! Love, love, love! I thought about doing fitness competitions, but then I remembered that I have no self control.

Anyhoo...your blog rocks!