Tuesday, December 26, 2006

High on Christmas

I'm still ridiculously giddy about the last three days. Days spent in a fury of gift wrap, visiting, food and drink. I finished one last shopping trip on Saturday and at the sight of my last gift wrapped and ribboned, I almost didn't know what to do with myself.

But then I did. Party, of course. A Saturday night party, a Christmas Eve breakfast, a Christmas eve lunch, a gathering at Grandmas and a Christmas Day dinner of lasagna, salad (both with excessively wonderful amounts of garlic) and cookies all made for a lovely weekend of tasting goodness. The homemade pie at Grandma's after the football game was TO. DIE. FOR.

A four mile run on the treadmill on Saturday, twenty-five minutes on the bike on Sunday and a run yesterday in which I didn't track the miles or time because it was just so good made for a good maintenance plan to balance out the to-die-for treats of the season.

Christmas Day began with some chai tea and the opening of a couple gifts. Then, it was off to the soup kitchen where I ended up delivering meals to several folks unable to leave their homes for a hot meal. Once again, I feel as though I'm the one who's received a gift as I'm reminded of the pricelessness of even one day of health, family and friendship. In all the trials in this world, I truly have been spared and blessed several times over.

A friend of mine's dad, whenever asked how he's doing answers: "Better than I deserve and often too stupid to enjoy it." Isn't that the truth?

After my delivery person stint, I stopped by the parent's house for even more Christmas cheer. In all these years, my mother still maintains the title of Slowest Gift Opener Ever. She sits and watches everyone else open gifts and then proceeds to open hers not by tearing paper from the gift itself but so delicately pulling it apart that if you didn't see her hands on the package, you'd imagine that the paper were removing itself from the box by sheer will alone. You aren't sure whether to be impressed by her patience and tenderness or grab the box out of her hand and do it yourself before we grow old, forgoodnesssakes!

Later, in the sunny, sunny thirty-nine degree afternoon weather, I went for a run. My knee is still quite unhappy and the side streets and trails are still covered in snow and ice but thanks to warm sun, no wind and Yaktrax I had one of the best runs I've had in a while and, arguably, the best Winter run I'd ever had. The snow crunching under my feet and sometimes coming up as deep as just below the knee in some spots created an interesting, yet peaceful run. Everyone was inside gifting and footballing which left the roads free of traffic and left me to run right down the middle. It's so good, feeling as though the road is yours for a day. I could have gone on forever.

A freeing run to take time to reflect on a fulfilling day followed by a non-traditional Christmas meal to conclude all of it left me feeling thankful and looking forward to the new year and new days to come.


Backofpack said...

That sounds like a wonderful holiday, and a beautiful run. I think the reminders are just what we all need.

e.b. said...

I am such a Florida girl, I didn't really know you could run in the snow. But of course and there are handy shoes to help you.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great Christmas.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Oh My! What a super sounding week-end! So glad you enjoyed it! May the New Year be bright & shiny for you!

Sizzle said...

my sis is one of the super slow gift openers. when we were kids i swore she had more presents than me but really, she just took 100x longer to open them. ;)

(hey! my word verification has the word elf in it!)

Dawn said...

OMG! My mom does that too! So annoying! :)

justacoolcat said...

I totally slacked over the days off and didn't work out once. Ugh. Those Yaktrax look cool as can be, and I think "Better than I deserve and often too stupid to enjoy it" is my new favorite saying.

Sister Buckle said...

Hey - you do soup kitchen stuff! You know, whenI was at school I thought - if I were an adult and could go where I pleased, I would do some charity work.

It just seemed obvious back then. But I stumbled along and totally forgot about what I used to think.

Oh no - I think I feel a resolution coming on...