Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Call me crazy

There are fifteen pool tables in this place and probably fifty people. I don't think it was me dropping my napkin on the floor that caused your bad shot.

Sorry, that's just how I rationalize.

(It should be noted the accuser is a friend of mine, not a date.)


GirlGoyle said...

And if it was you, it was probably worth the missed shot. Next time try kicking him, see if he appreciates that better. Geez!

singleton said...

if kicking doesn't work,
knock his beer over! LOL

justacoolcat said...

Is "dropping my napkin" code for something?

Anonymous said...

I can tell you, It's all your fault....like the butterfly effect. Silly you. :)

Nicole said...

You should have just messed up his next shot and inform him that is how someone messes up your shot.

JustRun said...

GG- Yes, kicking always works.

Single- Or get me another. Ha.

JACC- LOL. (And you know I hardly ever do that.)

RGF- Oh, duh, what was I thinking?!

Nicole- I don't think he'd follow that, but it's true, nonetheless.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Next time, he should bringing a troll doll or rabbits foot for good luck. And if not for goodluck, then for the company!LOL
He may have been distracted, but he shouldn't cast blame... silly boy!