Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sillier than I thought

To: JustRun
From: Potential Date
Re: Dinner

Sounds good. So we'll meet at 7:00. Looking forward to it.

To: Potential Date
From: JustRun
Re: Dinner

Okay, me too.

The next day

To: JustRun
From: Potential Date
Re: Dinner

Do you mind if my roommate joins us? I'd like him to meet you, too. See you at 7:00.

To: Potential Date
From: JustRun
Re: Dinner

Uhh, you hang with your roommate tonight. Maybe we can get together another time.


Oh, this is already so much fun.


Anonymous said...

That is just weird!?! Good luck with your dating game. Mine has sucked recently, but I feel better after hearing that one. Sorry!

justrun said...

adam- At least I'd never met him. I can take comfort in that!

Roger Sword said...

Haha. I love it. It's so funny that he automatically assumes you are ok with it. ("...See you at 7:00")

Sizzle said...

WTF? Who invites their roommate on their first date? Weirdos, that's who. Next!

Anonymous said...

I say go for it! The roommate might be cute. LOL!

justacoolcat said...

Atleast it wasn't his mom.

skinnylittleblonde said...

LOL, Josh had a good point!
You could have said 'Sure, I'll bring so & so ... it'll be like a double blind-date'

Anonymous said...

I'm with Sizzle. Weirdos and that means two of them because who wants to be the third wheel on a first date!!

Good luck with that I don't even think I know how to date. I seem to always end up with friends.

GirlGoyle said...

WTF is right!! Though JCC is right on. Maybe you should've said, sure - bring your roommate and I'll bring my mother.

Just when you thought you'd seen them all!

justrun said...

Roger- I found that very odd, too.

Sizzle- Yeah, I agree. It was too much.

Josh- Still wierd though.

JACC- haha! That's true.

Skinny- I'm not that quick, but it was still to wierd for me.

RGF- I understand, I don't know how to either.

GG- Now that would have been a good comeback!

Danielle said...

My first thought would've been, "OK, I'll bring my dad cause he wants to meet you too, did I mention he has a gun collection?"

Robb said...

People are wierd to be sure. The comments here are pretty funny - nearly as funny as the interaction between you and your potential date(s). Good luck with that...I hope things improve.

JustRun said...

Danielle- That would have been perfect, as it's completely true!

Rob- Thanks for the support, I'm sure it will improve. I know I can always find humor in it at least! :)

Ginger Breadman said...

I've had a grumpy week, and catching up on your blog gave me a good laugh - I'm with Robb - the comments are just hilarious as the prospect of the guy bringing someone. What . . . you didn't want a threesome?