Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ummm, duh?

"Oh, so you're from Colorado? Do you ski?"

"Sometimes. But not well."

"What about mountain climb? You must do that?"

"Well, I've rock climbed before and I've hiked some fourteeners."

"Like an outdoor backpacking expedition?"

"No. Like a hike."

"So, I've met a true Colorado native and I have no stories to pass along to friends?"

"Well, no, I guess not."

"So what DO you do?"

"Umm, I run and bike and go on vacation. Generally to areas warmer than Colorado."

"Oh. Well, what about ice climbing? Have you been ice climbing?"

"No. What about you? Certainly you must have done some of these things?"

"No dear, I'm Canadian."

And that was my first conversation after crossing the border last week. I post it not so much because it's telling of my trip but because it's telling of the assumptions we make about people. And, it's sort of funny.


Vancouver was wonderful. Here in the CO, you tend to forget about the diversities of the world. While we do have multiple races and cultures living together, we're not what I'd consider to be "international." Vancouver is a little like the Western crossroads of the world. It was refreshing and also, very good dining.


I want to post pictures, really I do but, you see, I do not have my camera. In my Major Dumb Move moment (of which I make about one per year) I left the camera in the rental car. Luckily, I realized it before my flight departed. However, I did not have time to go out of security and then go back through so Mohammed and the lovely staff at Alamo Car Rental in the SeaTac airport are returning it via FedEx. Then, assuming all is intact, I will post pictures. Because really, you gotta see it.


justacoolcat said...

So does your camera ski? How about ice climbing?

Josh said...

Nice folks at the Alamo Car Rental. Kudos to Mohammed.

Sister Buckle said...

Wow! You are so out there doing stuff!

I wanted to go to the Melbourne Writers Fest last week, but alas got sick and stayed home.

I should really get a license one of these days...

backofpack said...

Did you see all my sights? I love Vancouver - though I'm not so fond of the border crossing these days. It probably doesn't seem so bad to others, but I always compare it to what it used to be like - quick and easy.

Glad you had a good trip and can't wait to see the pictures!

Ginger Breadman said...

You're right about the assumptions and misconceptions we have about people. Maybe that's where the old slogan, "look outside the box" came from. I love Vancouver - sounds like you had a good trip, and glad you're back home safe and sound. Did you like the new pretty picture window at Seatac?

GirlGoyle said...

Looking forward to seeing the pics. Canada is all beautiful.

RunnerGirlFL said...

Glad you had a great time, and thatyou are home safe. I'm ready for another batch of your pictures too.

justrun said...

JACC- My camera is probably having bigger adventures than me at this very moment.

Josh- I agree... I'm a letter writer so I'll be writing one soon.

SB- Yuck, get better. And yes, get thee a license, I'm sure it will be worth it.

BackofPack- I sure tried. NW Washington was beautiful though... a great drive.

Ginger- Travel always helps me do that. Isn't it great? Compared to my airport, there are all sorts of windows at SeaTac... I like that you look out and the city is just right there. Not at all like Denver.

GG- Yes, it was.

RGF- Just as soon as the camera gets back. I can't believe I did that... hench the 'duh'.

Robb said...

Van is a western crossroads of sorts. It was a cultural surprise to move into Vancouver from the far east of Canada. I'm glad you had a taste.

Celina said...

Darn, I was gonna make a comment about your camera skiing, too, but someone beat me to it! Anyways, you think assumptions about Colorado are funny, just imagine the things I hear about being "from Mississippi!"

olga said...

Everybody TELLS me I am supposed to love cold and snow because I am Russian...and I don't.