Thursday, August 31, 2006

Off and Running

My sister and little nephew's visit is just a few weeks away.

Right now though, they are about two hours inland and bracing for a bit of a storm. Realistically, they are far enough away from the coast to avoid serious hurricane weather. Not so realistically, I'm a little freaked out. Not so much for the hurricane but for the simple fact that my little sister and her baby are thousands of miles away and in the vicinity of a natural disaster.

The photo is one I took through the windshield during our visit to the shore in May.

Tomorrow, I'm getting up very early to go to Vancouver. Via Seattle. To visit my BFF. It will be swell. I will be sure to wave hello to Ginger, Sizzle, and, I think, Michelle as I head North on I-5. I'm such a sucker for a good, border-crossing road trip. Well, the comp airline ticket and the discount rental car also helped.

Also, there is news. BIG news, in fact. No, I'm not dating and in love with the doctor. In spite of how many times I've heard the phrase "wow, you can't make it work? Forgodsakeheisadoctor" (yes, all one word because that's how people say it. As if attraction and chemistry are automatic when someone, forgodsake, is a doctor).

The actual big news is that I have been running this week. Not a huge amount of running but a gradual build back up to what might be considered mileage. The doctor gave me the "OK as long as you have no pain" speech and guess what? I HAVE NO PAIN! It's great, it really is. The final diagnosis was (and I might butcher this) a subcondral patellar contusion. Or, for us lay people who just can't seem to have chemistry with doctors so they're around to instruct you on the proper use of medical terms, a bruise on the underside of my kneecap. Odd, right? I know, only me. Anyway, a bruise on the bone doesn't happen all that easily. My orthopedic couldn't believe that I hadn't fallen or run into something or, that I hadn't fallen or run into something and just didn't remember. I told him that yes, it's true I like margaritas but I haven't fallen or run into something and not remembered it ever. Well, unless you count the drummer in college and I think that was more a case of mentally blocking it out than actually not remembering. But back to it, as bruises go, you know, it's just a matter of time and they're better. Well, we are on the upswing and let me tell you, I couldn't be happier.

There is just nothing better. Well, except for vacation and long weekends. Both of which I'm about to embark on very soon. Right now I'm off to get a pedicure with another BFF (turns out, you can have more than one- yay!).

By the way, I've been practicing drinking beer and saying "eh" after each sentence. You know, to fit in.


craig said...

Good to hear that you are running again. Have fun.

Neil said...

Yes, glad you're running (although not as exciting as the doctor stuff).

GirlGoyle said...

Whatever gives you the excuse to drink beer can only be a good thing. LOL
Have a great weekend and try not to run into things you don't remember running into.

Runner Girl FL said...

Yippie!! Hurray for Running!!

Sizzle said...

i wish it would have worked out to meet up. :( BUT i'll wave back! have a superfun time this weekend- it sounds glorious. :)

yay for running. yay for vacation. yay for multiple BFFs and pedicures.

Robb said...

Yeah...about the 'eh' thing...kidding...kidding - I trust you have a great trip.

I used to live in Vancouver - it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world - agree??

I hope you have a great time.

backofpack said...

If you are going to wave at me, first you'll have to point yourself south, then wave and I'll wave back. Here are things to look for while driving North: Bellingham, where I went to college and had my babies,(and hung out there during High School), Ferndale, where I actually grew up, Blaine, where my husband grew up, Mt. Baker, which I saw out the living room window every day while I was growing up. That's it - that's my tour! Have a great time in Vancouver!

justacoolcat said...

Have a great trip eh, you hoser.