Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This is the kind of post that seems shallow at first but then you read it and realize it's really just proof of how motivation comes in many forms

Today, I was flipping through the pages of one of my favorite travel magazines and looking at photos of their annual photo contest. Seeing photos of fabulous, warm places is just lovely. Sometimes, I can even say "ooh, I've been to that beach" or "hey, I've seen that tree." What could be more fun?

Anyone who's visited or done a little poking around here knows how I sometimes talk about the beach. And the ocean. And islands. And warm weather. So when I look at these photos I can't help but ooohh and ahhh and point out to others how fantastic they are. It's how I pass the time when I'm not actually there.

Then I came across a certain featured photo that is likely to be the thing that motivates me for the entire winter. No, not because of the sand and sun. No, not because of the cuteness- because at first, yes, I was all about the awww, how cuuuuute! commentary. But then, it hit me: I have some serious work to get to. And soon!

So, I now give you, a photo that is:
A. Adorable
B. Intimidating
C. Motivating
D. The thing that will keep me from cheesecake for the next eight months because, heck, if this woman can have a baby and walk down the beach like that, so can I. Well, except for the baby part. I'll just borrow that.
E. All of the above

Sorry for the copy/paste- it was the only (fast) way.

Yes, I'm sure I look just fine, too.

Yes, I know that the photo could have been touched up.

Yes, I know this woman may not be the mother of this child.

I don't care.

I'm so glad I can run again.


Bre said...

who puts a naked baby that close to their hair?!

my commenting is off too - I just click "other" and it will link to my blog. stupid blogger

justacoolcat said...

Get to work slacker. In the time it took you to write this post you could have burned 300 calories and conceived triplets.



(I get the felling that I'm projecting due to my recent laziness)

justrun said...

Ew! That's true, Bre. I hadn't even thought of that.

JACC- It's okay. I'll take the coaching any way I can get it.
Though I doubt I could have conceived triplets in that time, but thanks for raising the bar.

GirlGoyle said...

The exact same 8 reasons I don't read travel magazines or watch the travel channel. They just the umpteenth reminder that I'm stuck in the office bathed in computer monitor light, eating bagles and wearing too many layers. It's torture. Plus, let's face it...there aren't enough miles on this planet to run that will ever make me look like that woman. then again, there is always air-brushing or lipo-suction.

RunnerGirlFL said...

This is one of those strange forms of motovation I understand completely.

justrun said...

GG- I understand... but when it comes down to it, we're all dreamers a little and if I can't be there, I might as well hope to be.
I agree, running alone won't do it. But I have some kind of hope that a combination of running, and pilates, weights and biking can get me close.

RGF- Funny how that works, huh?

Josh said...

I too understand this type of inspiration. I wouldn't mind having Dean Karnazes abs...

Sizzle said...

whatever works! :)

justrun said...

Josh- Yeah, Dean's abs are super human. As is, arguably, the rest of him.

Sizzle- This is all I'm saying.