Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pity and Admiration Are Separated by a Very Thin Line

I'm back to running again. Full force. Things are going well. Now, I can't shut up about it. Apparently, the universe is sending me a sign though. People are generally supportive but I've had some comments lately that make me question whether I should talk about it at all.

(With, of course, the disclaimer that I completely understand not everyone lives in the running world and that there are different lifestyles to fit one’s needs that may or may not make one accustomed to certain terminology or jargon.)

“So, you’re still doing that running thing, huh?”
Said in the same tone as one might ask “So, you’re still doing that crack cocaine thing, huh?”

“All that activity, aren’t you afraid of what you’ll do to your bones?”
No activity, aren’t you afraid of what you'll do to your ass?

“So, how long is this marathon?”
All marathons are 26.2 miles. All of them.

“You spent $120 on running shoes? I would never do that. I mean, why run when you could shop? Do you know what kind of handbag you could get for that?”
Yes, probably one large enough to help me haul around all the anti-depressants I’ll need to take to be able to live in my own skin. You have your handbag, I'll have my sanity. Win-win.

“I heard running makes you age faster. With all that up and down motion, your skin is bound to stretch and sag.”
Yeah, you go with that. I’ll see you in ten years, Mr. Ageless Wonder.

“Wow, you don’t look like you can run ten miles!”
Gee, thanks.

"You run more than I change my kid's diaper."
I have a feeling your kid and I could have a long conversation about chaffing.

"I'd rather starve myself than run."
Cool. I like nachos and beer.

"So you race and then you cross a finish line? That's it?"
I don't know how to answer this.

"So I bet running totally throws off your hormones, huh? Like you must be so mellow all the time."
Ummm, what?

"What do you do when you're running for that long? I would have to be, like, reading or something."
I tried, but I just couldn't get into the story. Maybe it was all the moving vehicles.

"I could never run for a mile. What if you have to go to the bathroom?"
Listen to your mom and go BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE. And then make sure there are a couple available on your route because you're right, you can never count on that.


RunnerGirlFL said...

Holy Crap!! Do you know everyone I know?!?! The marathon one is classic!! I didn't realize how many people didn't know how long that was!! And I'll add one if I may:

Them: Wow you've lost weight...Adkins? South Beach?

Me: Nah...Just started running

Them: Oh...never mind. Said with the same disdain as if I had gnawed off a limb.

All I can do is shrug....cause I still eat nachos and beer too.

craig said...

Who knew that running would inspire such negativity? Some people are postiviely negative. Great post. But you know the response to all of them. Just run.

justacoolcat said...

I have to agree, you don't look like you could run ten miles.

I mean, everytime I see things through your eyes it's through a car window or on a beach.

Seriously, who are these people?

You need a retort.

"You don't look like you could run X miles"

Do I look like I could ..(kill) .?

I could be wrong.

justrun said...

RGF- It's got me hoping I never made a comment like that, that's for sure.

Craig- It's very strange that doing something good for you can have such negative connotations.

JACC- I know, I do preject the image of lazy. It's part of the charm. I agree... I will work on a retort, though I think I'll go with something slightly less extreme.

Neil said...

That's so funny. There's nothing like support from friends!

Ginger Breadman said...

"So you race and then you cross a finish line? That's it?"

I could write volumes on that one. To runners, running is a way of existence - the finish line or a race is just a metaphor for accomplishments in our lives.

I loved your post - so interesting to see perspectives of other people. It's great to hear your out running and excited about it.

justacoolcat said...

I don't know about this case, so here's a question.

Of the people that said these things, how many would you estimate fancy themselves "sensitive"?

How's this for less extreme?

"Well then do I look like I could run you over with a car?"

Dawn said...

I have a friend who's just started running and he's all fired up about it. He always says, "let's do that 5k marathon," or "there's a 10k marathon next month."

I don't want to temper his enthusiasm by letting him know that it's either a 5k or a marathon...not both.

Sizzle said...

why are people so caught up in their own crap that they have to be so rude while seeming to be inquisitive or nice? oh. i think i know. forget them! you rock!

justrun said...

Neil- Luckily, it's not my close friends.

Ginger- That metaphor has kept me going more times than I'd like to admit; both during a race and otherwise.

JACC- How about "do I look like I could smack you?" I never have been in a fight though, but I guess that's where the running would come in handy.

Dawn- LOL. That's funny. I might not be able to tell him either. Maybe just some good hints?

Sizzle- I don't know. I mean, I am supportive of their hobbies. I mean, I don't play video games but I certainly wouldn't accuse someone of being insane who does. That's obvious anyway. Ha. Sorry. That was wrong. :)

GirlGoyle said...

Running makes you age...LMAOOOOO. That is the first I've ever heard of that! Well there you go, yet another excuse I'll use for procrastinating on my exercise routine that apparently is dwindling down to non existance lately. I just need 4 more hours in a day. Anyone got those to spare??

Josh said...

Ha ha ha! Some people!