Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A list of confessions I really don't have a title for

1. For personal reasons, I have more than once eaten an entire box of Cheerios in one day.

2. This has happened recently.

3. I sometimes tell the dog to "sit" and "stay" in Spanish. I also work in the occasional "good morning, how are you?" and "do you know how to get to the town square?". Until I get back to Mexico, I've got to keep it up somehow.

4. At my parent's house, I will sometimes put CNN on the television and put the picture-in-picture on Fox and compare the two.

5. I don't have cable television. I am too cheap.

6. I once stacked a working television on top of a broken one. I know.

7. When I'm bored at work (read: when I can't concentrate so instead I play on the sweet, sweet internet) I "will" all of you to create new posts.

8. I sing in the car all. the. time.

9. A friend once made me play Dance Dance Revolution and Karaoke Revolution.

10. This wasn't that long ago.

11. I liked it.


Sizzle said...

i love cheerios. hee hee.

backofpack said...

Is that where my strange urge to post comes from?

GirlGoyle said...

I'm soooooo with you on number 7. I've now adopted the habit of waiting as long as i can before I head out and read posts. This way there is a lot more to read and discover. Like saving the best xmas gift for last or something. Yes...odd but it works. See, now I have 2 posts to catch up on. Though two is my limit or I realize I then am forgotten.

RunnerGirlFL said...

I don't have cable either!! I do have high speed internet from the cable company. I'm too cheep to pay for TV that I don't watch. I do miss ESPN.

Robb said...

Hey...this is great! True confessions are cool.

justrun said...

Sizzle- it's my one time per year thing. I'm weird.

Michelle- Yes! I'm so glad it's working. :)

GG- you? forgotten? Nah.

RGF- I miss ESPN, too. And sometimes OLN.

Rob- sometimes you just gotta get it out!

justacoolcat said...

Number 6 kills me and now I'm afraid to know what you know.

Ginger Breadman said...

That's the best post ever - I feel like I want to comment on every single item, but I'll spare you. I'll be thinking about all of them all day long, though - amazing 'food for thought'. Thanks - the post totally made my day.

justrun said...

JACC- I couldn't decide whether to type "I know I am a hillbilly" or "I know how this sounds" or "I know what you're thinking" so I just said I know.

Ginger- Isn't it funny how harmless confessions can connect us all? Comment however you wish, that is what a blog is for. :)