Friday, September 08, 2006

Cooler Running

A few weeks ago, I mentioned Fall was coming. Some people were in denial about it, which I understand as I spend the entirety of Winter in the exact same state of nonacceptance, but considering I was declaring my love for Summer in February, I am clearly always jumping a little ahead in this season game. My run last night was no exception.

Yes, that's right. My run last night. I usually tend to run right after work but yesterday there was shopping for bread baking ingredients to do and handbags to be bought. Yes, handbags plural because I can't decide between the red and the black and I plan on asking everyone in my office, neighborhood, family and address book their opinion before I decide which one is going back. If I had my camera back from Mohammed at Alamo, I'd take photos and post them here so my near and dear bloggerite friends could vote as well. Well, digress much?

The run didn't start until about 5:30. It was overcast, breezy and looked like rain might fall any second. I still headed out as I'm going to do my best to stick to my training plan in hopes of still completing a December marathon. I had to let my dreams for August and October go, so December is the final hope for my marathoning this year. I needed to do five or six miles last night with a little speed work to stay on schedule. Best laid plans, right? Not so much.

Instead, I got out there into the cool breeze and yes, I must admit, the subtly changing leaves and well, I just became distracted. With the music in my ears, the trail in front of my eyes and the mess of thoughts finally clearing out of my head, I was just immersed in the run. I've been running a route close to home that is actually a loop. That way, if I don't feel good or if my injury decides to act up, I am close enough to home to not be stranded. This is merely a two mile loop so the first round goes pretty fast. Last night, so did the second. And the third. And the fourth. I ran eight miles before I even started to feel it. I really had to stop myself to realize that it was just too much, too soon. Eight miles may not seem that long, but it is when you haven't been able to run in a couple months. It is HUGE.

I blame the season. It is my favorite time to run, really. Sure, I like running in Summer, on the beach. I like running in Spring, in the park. I even tolerate a good Winter run if the wind isn't blowing. But Fall really is the best for so many reasons. First and foremost being, you don't sweat as much. And against anything you could have convinced me of a month ago, I am starting to think maybe, if it had to happen, I was injured at the right time. Because as much as it tortured me to be inactive in Summer, I am that much more thankful to be running right now. I look forward to the leaves that will fall and crunch under my feet. I look forward to the crisp air. I look forward to the warm afternoons that quickly turn into cold nights.

I want to embrace it as much as I can, as it's an all too brief occurrence here on the Front Range. Somewhere during that fourth loop last night, I think I decided this. I mean, why not embrace something that's happening anyway. Quite a parallel to life, don't you think? As I walked in the door and smelled the distinct scent of bread baking in the kitchen, I realized I'd already started.


Ginger Breadman said...

That was a damn good post. Fall is the best time of year, although it's fun to get excited when each season starts - just like you said you were excited for summer in February. I had forgotten runners don't sweat as much in the fall - maybe that means less laundry . . Really truly - great post - I'm so psyched to go embrace the changes out there.

Sister Buckle said...

It's not just the season change, I tell you. Something is in the air! I bet your renewed running powers are not shortlived.

My friend Jeff (fitness nut who used to do lots of Iron Man / 24 & 48 hour races) has just got back into the groove of training after a bad back condition and a few false starts where he went too hard and wouldn't drink enough water. He seems happy now and is making proper preparations instead of making his training 'punishment time' for the time he hadn't been training (know what I mean?)

He did a 32km run yesterday, and apparently the day before that, he tore the computer off his pushbike and just rode from morning til nightfall, just experiencing the day without counting distance / speed etc like he's usually obsessed with.

It's a new dawn!!!! I feel it!

justacoolcat said...

It's feeling like fall here too. The leaves are changing and the pumpkins are growing.

8 miles?

I've been slacking, time to get back up on the horse next week.

RunnerGirlFL said...

Yippee!! Hurray!! Glad that everything is behaving so that you can get back on track.

backofpack said...

I know what you mean! Fall is definitely in the air - and it's a delight to run. I even enjoy running on dark mornings at this time of year. On Monday, the leaves on our maple tree were green - today (Friday) at least of third of them have turned gold...amazing!