Wednesday, July 05, 2006

She had never seen anything like it, in all her twenty-six years

I didn't quite know how to recap this trip. I started out writing about it in a start-to-finish style but soon realized -okay, about 5-6 paragraphs in- that nothing is more boring than a play-by-play of someone else's travels. So, since this is the longest Monday that wasn't really a Monday I've ever had, I'll do the list thing:

1. Stayed at a fun hotel. By fun I mean, wow, I am probably too old for this Spring Break style of partying but heck if I'm not going to take advantage of it. And it's not likely I would have been able to sleep early anyway unless my idea of a lullaby was "Pour Some Sugar On Me" at 1:00 in the morning.

2. Had lovely plans of laying on the beach a couple days and catching up on the reading I've wanted to do over the last two months. Instead, I fell asleep listening to the waves. Oh well.

3. Took my first drive down (and, consequently, back up) US-1. It was quite the drive, quite the experience. I made sure to play my Jimmy Buffet CDs because I'm fairly certain there is a law that says you have to. It was a beautiful day and I got to drive with the top [of the car] down for most of the way. I know, I'm such a cliche. I'm sure I'll cover it more in one of my "Windshield" posts soon because I did take several pictures. I mean, when driving over a two lane bridge you've never driven before, the smartest thing to do is take pictures while you're driving, right?*

4. Actually got to see a lot of the Keys. Stopped briefly in Key Largo which seemed straight out of the movie of the same name. Also made quick stops in Islamorada and No Name.
I stopped at The Holiday Isle Tiki Bar (Mile Marker 88) on the way back and let me tell you, I could have stayed there for a good long time if I didn't have to drive. The people were friendly and I tasted something called a "Pain in the Ass" which was definitely anything but that.
As a runner, I was all excited to drive through Marathon but I didn't stop because, well, I already know what a strip mall looks like. I'm sure there are lovely areas in Marathon, I just didn't have enough time to discover them.
Crossed the Seven Mile Bridge and before I knew it, I was coming into Key West. Interesting place, that Key West. And as the day went on, it only became more interesting. I walked around, talked to some tourists and some locals, had lunch/dinner and drinks at a bar I can't seem to remember the name of and made many stops at some other places. I need to get back there one day when I can fly in and stay a while. I thought I was too old to really get excited about a good pub crawl but clearly, I was wrong.
I also met a guitar player (I know, me meeting a musician, shocking) that splits time between Key West and Colorado. Lord knows how he affords that but I promised I'd look for him at a ski resort later this year.

5. Back on the mainland (or whatever Floridians might call it) I did some shopping and hung out at the hotel bar when it rained and met a couple boaters. One guy, a Philadelphia lawyer that comes down to his boat on the weekends, invited me fishing. Sadly, I did not have the time. Which is really awful because in my world, saying "come and hang out with us on the boat" is the grandest gesture one can make. I do have a name and number should I ever return to the area, which wouldn't be difficult with an invite like that.
I told my mother about this and she was quite certain that I would have had to "do" something for the invite. I understand why she'd think this but, as I told her, the guy already had a wife and a girlfriend so I had no worries. Ha.

Great trip. Great getaway. I didn't worry, I didn't plan, I just went. And it was good.

By the way, bonus points to anyone who understands the title of this post.

* My apologies to Florida. I know your concerns regarding the dangers of the US-1 highway (mostly because of the death toll signs you post on the side of the highway) and it was and would never be my intention to be dangerous on this highway. My photos were taken in a very safe, responsible manner. And the video, too.


Runner Girl FL said...

Playing Jimmy is a law, those "death toll" signs are ridiculous, and there isn’t tooooo much more on marathon, but they like it that way, and Key west does have it’s own little culture. Glad you had a great time. Did you get some Key Lime Pie? (made with real Key Limes of course)

GirlGoyle said...

No Ivan's Stress Free bar?? Still sounds like you had a hell of a time. Plus, you just can't go wrong if you are lulled asleep by Def Leppard. :)

Ginger Breadman said...

I can't figure out the title, unless it's exactly what is says - like nothing you had seen and you're exactly 26. - a book or movie quote maybe.

What a cool trip at your own pace. Good for you for getting out and going. It sounds like you enjoyed it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with photos from the road - how else are you gonna show us what it was like?

Sizzle said...

sounds like a GREAT trip. :)

a wife AND a girlfriend- my oh my!

Celina said...

Glad you had a great time! I agree about the "feeling old" thing. At 25, I already feel worn out from college partying and unfortunatly, I still live in a college town! No apology necessary to the Florida drivers, they're some of the WORST I've ever seen! I'm sure at least 90% of those bridge accidents were caused by/involved LOCALS!

Runner Girl FL said...

Celina - you forget that 90% of the population of FL is from some where else!! IF every one drove like they do in, say, Boston we would all be fine. However if you have somepeople driving like they do in MA and some like they do in PA and some like they do in MI and some like they do in MN one knows how to drive like the others. Add to that you can't drive in a thunderstorm like you do when it's dry or like you do in snow. For some reason that is what the "Snow Birds" do.

(sorry off my soap box now....hehehehe)

deepThoughts said...

What a fun trip!

"Fell asleep listening to the waves" - I'm so jealous!!

Looking forward to the pictures :)

justrun said...

RGF- Oh yes, if there was KLP within 15 feet of me, it was mine.

GG- no Ivan's this time... but hopefully soon.

Ginger- It's just a line in a Jimmy song.

Sizz- My oh my is right. But it's okay, I told him I was married. Ha.

Celina- yeah, every town has it's bad spots. Colorado ranks right up there for me. Only here is the concept of a passing lane lost on drivers. Very frustrating.

DT- Yeah, tough break, I know.