Friday, July 07, 2006


I saw my ex at the gym this morning.

My ex trainer, that is. The trainer that whooped me into shape faster than a new recruit at Ft. Knox. The guy did all but shave my head and if he could have done that, he would have. Seriously. I called him Sarge.

I said "hi" in my cheeriest voice possible, hoping that would distract him from the fact that I am not the dedicated gym rat I once was.

"Hello, dear," he said, "how are you?"

"Doing great, " I said, knowing he could measure my body fat just by looking at me.

"Well, good. You look great."

"Oh, no I don't. This year has been one thing after another as far as training goes."

"Well maybe it's your attitude," he said, "because you look well."

"Thanks, Sarge. You look good, too."

"I know."

And right then and there I realized what I got out of that training.

No, your body fat doesn't have to be super low or your abs rock hard, you just have to feel good about yourself and know it. As long as you honestly feel good, you will always look good.


deepThoughts said...

So true!

justacoolcat said...

He saw the Saltwater twinkle
in your eye and knew to back off.

Runner Girl FL said...

FUN!! Nice to hear things like that once in a while.

Sizzle said...

good advice. feel like a lump of chub, be a lump of chub. i am off for a walk!

Ginger Breadman said...

I like Sarge'g confidence. Wouldn't it be great when anyone compliments you, to simply think, "I know".

GirlGoyle said...

Hummm if I answered that I KNOW I'm the bomb...I've be considered cocky. Maybe Sarge needs to be a bit more modest. Said modest...not a sap looking for compliments.

But somehow it is true, feeling good is 50% of looking good. Though sometimes you feel like a tub of lard and yet continue to get compliments. Strange.

justrun said...

DT- Yes. Some of us just need help remembering more than others.

JACC- Oh, probably so. Didn't think of that.

RGF- Yeah, I wish I was as confident as he is.

Sizz- Sometimes I feel like icecream. haha

Ginger- I don't think that will ever be me, but it's nice to imagine.

GG- I guess you'd have to know him but yes, sometimes we all ought to be a little cocky.

Bre said...

Hmm, maybe I need to get my self a "sarge" to get my butt in gear for dragonboat season!