Thursday, July 27, 2006

On to other things more ridiculous than my problems


Can't a guy have a miraculous come-from-behind victory any more?


puerileuwaite said...

Not if he did cheat. But then, another question is: "do most, if not all of them, cheat in some way". And then snipe at the winner for cheating? I just don't care about this, or any pro sport enough to have more than a passing interest in the outcome.

Except for the Cubs. I would like to see them win a World Series just once before I die. Dare to dream.

justacoolcat said...

How frustrating. I hope it was natural, but I have doubts.

michael_c said...

Good question. I used to think that the dopers were all just bad people. Then Tyler Hamilton was found guilty... and now Floyd?

What is this with the good guys? Is this desperation or is there something weird going on with the labs? I'm not a conspiracy guy, but something is getting out of hand. The Phonak team has been plagued by riders who have been found guilty of doping. This is just too much!

Of perhaps equal importance, we need to remember that a high testosterone : epitestosterone ratio isn't a guilty verdict. Let's hope that due process works.

Sadly, if Floyd is innocent, the poor guy will never overcome the hoopla and doubt that comes from this news.

Ginger Breadman said...

we'll probably never know the real story, no matter what the media says. it was brought up in conversation today that the europeans don't want an american to win their tour. just a perspective. if you liken it to american football and how the players and media would take it if a 'foreigner' came in and kicked some ass . . .

GirlGoyle said...

What i don't understand is why do they continue to dope up when they KNOW they are getting tested and WILL get caught. It's uber stooooopid.

justrun said...

Pueril- I don't think most of them cheat, persay but I do think there's always more to the story than we're told.
Good luck with the Cubs.

JACC- I know, isn't it sad that we are more inclined to believe it's true than not?

Michael_c- It's becoming a witch hunt, I think. And if you're under such scrutiny, I would think you'd just play it safe.

Ginger- That's a good point and one that I think we Americans tend to ignore.

GG- I agree. It's like speeding with a cop behind you.

Josh said...

Such a dissapointment. I hope the B test clears his name.

justacoolcat said...

I know the Euros hate it when an American wins, unless his name is Asshat LeMonde, but I wouldn't make the American sports comparison.

Some of the best players in the NBA and NHL are from Europe.