Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hard to Break

With all the time I haven't spent running lately (And no, still can't run. I attempted to hussle across the street last night and half way there I became approximately ninety percent certain that those would be my last steps before I began using crutches/a cane/a walker to assist me in daily ambulatory function. No running allowed. Not to worry all you motherly types, I have an appointment with the orthopedic on Tuesday.) I have had ample opportunity to refine my other "skills." Like my keen ability to analyze the living daylight out of myself and my life to the point of exhaustion. Fun times, I know. Do attempt to control your jealous rage for the time being, mmmmkay?

During this deep, detailed examination of all things me, I have been giving myself an especially hard time about my habits. Specifically, the bad ones. The ones that I wish I didn't have and wish that I could somehow control. Without going into awful detail, I will admit that though I consider these habits to be next to dreadful, they hurt no one. Except me. Which is the fun part.

So because I'm tired and I'm committed to going to lift weights before work tomorrow, I am going to abuse the fabulous and undeserved privilege of having people that visit this site. I ask you, dear fellow bloggerites, for your opinions. Yes, you.

Do you think a bad habit (I'm talking habit here, not addiction) can be broken with effort alone?

Can it happen instantly or is it more of a progression? Specifically, how is this for you? I know it's all relative but I'm open to whatever you may have to say.

I thank you in advance for your input. I look forward to reading any comment you're willing to share because it will give me a new perspective and also, I'll have more time to move on to more important things. Like criticizing my body.


GirlGoyle said...

Bad habit like what? Like picking your nose or using the four letter F word too often or maybe being too hard on yourself? Well i think it's a gradual fix. Can't quit cold turkey. I for one don't even bother trying as I wouldn't even know where to start fixing bad habits.

justrun said...

That's sort of why I left it vague at bad habits in general. It's a relative thing and what I may consider "bad" may be nothing to someone else.
Gradual fix seems like a realistic approach though.

Runner Girl FL said...

I agree with gg on the gradual part and will add that bad habits are easier to fix when you have a good one to replace them with. e.g., If you stop for a donut every morning on the drive to work then drive a different way and pick up an apple.

That being not pick other peoples noses to not pick your own. :)

Sizzle said...

For me, with a bad habit, I've got to have that perfect combo of intent, follow through, support and wisdom. When I tried to quit smoking the first time it didn't take. Something was missing in my intent to not smoke. But a year later it all shifted and when I made the decision- without accupuncture, patches or gum- it totally stuck. I haven't smoked a cigarette in over 3 years.

I think having the knowledge of how and what you want to change is one thing, but 100% wanting it in your gut is the key.

backofpack said...

I think justrun and runner girl fl nailed it. I've had the most success with replacement. For instance, my bad habit of eating three bags of Dove Dark Chocolates in a week. I fixed that by substituting Coffee Nips. I managed them better, they take longer to eat and I don't chain-eat them. I will admit though that if someone brings Doves to the house, I'm a goner and will have to start over!

justacoolcat said...

I say everything in moderation, including moderation.

Bad habits can be ended, but it's usually easiest to ween them away. Not to be confused with to Ween them away, because Chocolate and Cheese can be a bad habit.

Ginger Breadman said...

1)a bad habit is truly a matter of perspective unless it causes harm to oneself or others

2)the textbook and psychological perspectives would be to have a goal-have a methodical plan with steps to follow, have an inspiration, a replacement, a motivation, do it gradually, etc.

3)I'm sure #2 would get you there

4)the mind is a more powerful thing than anyone can imagine - if you wanna quit a bad habit badly enough, it could be done in heartbeat