Monday, May 15, 2006

Things you can learn in a weekend

- You can cut over four inches off your hair and no one will notice. I mean, OVER FOUR INCHES, people! Seriously.

- Your mom is likely the best mom ever and even if you tell her often, it means more on Mother's Day when accompanied by flowers and homemade cinnamon rolls. I get to continue my reign as Best Daughter Ever for a few more days (until sister has the baby and then it's all over).

- I cannot, definitely cannot, date younger men. Tried with the twenty-five year old. Met some other 24-25 year olds. And, no. Just no.

- Mysterious knee injuries can appear on Saturday and disappear on Sunday allowing for a fantastic two hours of running. A big ol' thanks to the knee injury gods. Apparently, you rest on Sunday, too.

- You can celebrate Cinco de Mayo one week late and still have just as much fun. The Great Margarita knows nothing of dates and time.

- All these years later, it is still absolutely no fun and not a good idea at all to save your studying for Sunday night. But I did it anyway so I suppose therein lies the difference between the 26 year old me and the 16 year old me.

- Songs will take you back, no matter how strange. The eighteen year old cousin you used to babysit who is graduating high school next week hates when you tell the story of how you remember the song that was on the radio the first time he fell asleep in your arms. He's embarrassed not because you rocked him in your arms but because the song was Slow Dancing by Johnny Rivers.

- Some things never change. The cute neighbor from down the street who you used to have a crush on as a kid is now bald. And even hotter. He's like the Sean Connery of Colorado (except less annoying and better looking).


GirlGoyle said...

Sean Connery of Colorado...Sean Connery is bald or you mean ageless? I must've missed something. :) I for one can rock the cradle like no other it seems. Not that i look to do that. It just happens. Maybe that's why they don't last. And still feeling the effects of Cinco de Mayo a week later...does that count?

justacoolcat said...

Isn't the hair thing weird? People that told me everyday for weeks that I need a haircut will for some mysterious reason stop, but not know why.

"I got my haircut, did you notice?"

"No, really? It looks the same."

"So you think I need a haircut?"

"No. It looks fine."

justrun said...

GG- Apparently, Sean Connery is that "always sexy no matter the age or hair situation" man. I personally don't see it that much, but that's the comparison.
Still feeling the effects of Cinco de Mayo a week later must count for something, eh?

CoolCat- yeah, I don't know. To me it feels like a limb is missing but maybe that's just because it's my head. Well, the hair on my head. ;)

Ginger Breadman said...

Another funny haircut thing - did you ever notice that when you really need a haircut and it looks horrible, people will suddenly start giving you compliments?

Ahhh - the Great Margarita - you can actually celebrate Cinco de Mayo all year long.

Runner Girl FL said...

I have found that 4" is not enough for people to notice after it gets past your bra strap. "Well I just know your hair was long"

When did older guys start to look good? (Along with the younger ones...but they are more of a bother sometimes)

Sizzle said...

i so feel ya on the best daughter reign until my sis gives birth. :)

and younger men? always remember that they are even younger in emotional capacity than their actual age which is not good (disclaimer: there are rare instances where this is not true.

sean connery? rrrawr!

Neil said...

You're 26 and you consider 25 a younger man? It's not like he's 17 --

Bre said...

4 inches IS an awful lot! I've never considered bald especially beautiful unless it was intentional... like shaved off... was it?

Also, you can send any of those rejects my way :)

justrun said...

Ginger- I would like to celebrate all year long but, unfortunately, the Great Margarita doesn't make for good marathon training. Oh well, we will fit them in when we can, right?

RGF- I have no idea. I mean, I liked 24 year-olds when I was 24. And I KNOW 26 isn't much older but the difference just seems so profound that night.

Sizz- Yeah, I know. I have yet to meet the rare (and single) exception.

Neil- I agree, there's not a huge age gap there. I have no idea why it seems so big though.

Bre- He isn't intentionally completely bald. I think he just keeps the rest really really short because of the top that is bald. But it's so not a bad thing. Trust me.
And yeah, I think these "rejects" may have been extra special cases. I wouldn't do that to you.