Tuesday, May 16, 2006

He's here!

It seems ridiculously irrational when you hear it out of context: I love him and I haven't even met him.

I say it and even I wonder how it can be possible. I adore him more than I ever anticipated. He's here and he belongs. I'm in awe of my ability to completely love something I have yet to see or touch. It's a human function that I feel with every part of me and yet, I'll probably never understand.

Last night, on the East coast, a brand new little boy came into the world. He is healthy. Mom was strong, dad was a trooper. All is fine.

I hope, somehow, they can feel all the love and excitement that is coming from two thousand miles away.

The days between now and when I can be with them will be some of the longest I've ever spent. I don't know how I can wait to see this perfect baby. I don't know if I can wait to look into my sister's face and tell her how deeply proud I am. I can't wait to see this family and tell this kid that I, without question, will always be his favorite aunt.


Runner Girl FL said...

Yippie!!! Congratulations to your Sister on her new baby and Congratulations on your acivement of Favorite Aunt!!

It's good to hear that everyone is well

Sizzle said...


aww, i am getting all teary for you. i can't wait until my nephew is born in august. :)

GirlGoyle said...

Congrats!!! Though you've lost your "Best Daughter Ever for a few more days (until sister has the baby and then it's all over)." position you have gained yet a pretty respectable one with the "favorite aunt".

justacoolcat said...

Congratulations! On multiple fronts, you now get to be the favorite aunt and your mom is a grandmother. Which, if my theory is correct, and out mom's share a brain, will take tremendous pressure off of you. I know it did for me when my brother had his first.

deepThoughts said...


Lucky kiddo - Somehow I just know you are going to pamper him and spoil him like crazy :)

Hope you get to meet him real soon.

JustRun said...

RGF- Thank you!

Sizz- It's SO exciting. You will love it.

GG- Yes, the title relinquished is definitely more than worth the title gained.

CoolCat- Ohhhh, good point. I like it.

DT- Thanks. And yes, I believe I'm legally and morally obligated to treat him as if he's the best thing to happen to the world. It's in the Favorite Aunt code of conduct.

Bre said...

Congrats! Yesterday I held a co-worker's baby and smelled her little head (baby heads always smell so freaking great!) and though - oh! No fair! I want one!

Denise said...

OH wow, big congrats to you and your sis. Yay, another little baby boy in the world. Spoil him rotten and love him like only a favourite aunt can!