Friday, May 12, 2006

In Demand

Last night, I concluded that I was far too popular to study. I had the best of intentions but the phone just wouldn't stop ringing. Apparently, every one needed to talk to me. What could I do?

I first talked to a friend in Tennessee. I miss her. She's such a good, down-to-earth type and whenever I talk to her it's like my own personal reality check. She's a mom to two beautiful kids, the wife to a deployed soldier and a friend to me and she holds it all together so well. I know it must be so hard some days. Away from friends and family, husband half a world away and two kids under the age of five, I cannot imagine. Yet, when we talk, she always wants to hear about me. She lets me yammer on about what I'm up to even though so much must be on her mind. I'm so lucky to have her, even if the friendship can only be fed on phone calls and occasional visits.

I then talked to my sister. At nine months pregnant she is surprisingly hilarious. She told me the story of how she had the classic "barefoot and pregnant" moment this morning when she was half dressed and realized the dog had gotten out the front door and was halfway down the street. So, in her new North Carolina front yard she stood barefoot, pregnant, towel on head, in her robe and yelled "Daisy, get your dumb ass back here!" I was worried how she would adapt in a new city with a baby on the way. Clearly, she's going to be just fine.

Just as we hung up, I talked to another girlfriend of mine. She also has two kids under the age of five and has just completed nursing school. She took finals today and said she did well, though I can't imagine how. I mean, I can't even get studying done when the phone is ringing. She had to study with one kid drawing on the walls and the other wetting her pants. Maybe I just need to learn how to apply myself.

Finally, mom called. She spent eighteen minutes (I timed it) telling me how I needed to meet the son of one of her clients. Apparently he's my age and very successful. And Jewish.

"Mom, is he a practicing Jew?"

"Well, yes."

"Okay, I'm not. Nor have I ever been."

"Well, I just thought it might be nice."


"I guess not. I'm just trying to throw out a line here, honey."

"I'm not drowning. Don't worry."

I know she had good intentions and probably didn't consider anything further than the two of us just meeting but this just goes to show how the mind changes once you're no longer in a certain situation. The strange part is, she never used to do this. Maybe she's going through a phase. She is, after all, about to become a grandmother for the first time. I guess I have to cut her some slack.

I got less studying done then I'd planned. It's okay though, I'm popular and really, we know that counts for so much more than brains. Admit it.


Bre said...

Aren't you just too cool for school!
(Don't you love that?)

My mother often wants me to meet the most ridiculous men ever. Then she says things like "If you would just marry Matt [my best friend] I'd leave you alone about all this!"

Runner Girl FL said...

Good job turning down a practicing anything that you are not. It just doesn't work!! Even if he is cute.

GirlGoyle said...

Oh yeah...the practicing bit...that would be rule #1 of dating...or should be. No stress over studying...u have the weekend. I'm a champ at procrastinating. :)

justacoolcat said...


OK, my mom called last night, I think this is her process.

Get an idea.
Realize, Hey I thought of an idea so it must be brilliant.
Oppress it on the world.
See how things shake out.

Last night example was, She tried to replan my entire trip out of town from where I stayed to what I did. Why? Because it occured to her, minus thinking anything through.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, we are on some sort of mother time share.

Sizzle said...

i am so glad my mom doesn't try to fix me up. :)

i am very bad at studying. as i have grown older, i have more and more ADD. masters? yeah, i don't think i'll be getting one.

you're like so totally tubular! it's rad that you are so popular. hee hee.