Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ahhh, That's Better- And Here's Why

Previously in this space was a story of a trip I took.
It was a story of island magic, wonderful people, learning how to relax, reflection and rum.
I've removed this story to save it for other things. Other times and places than here.
To all of you that were able to share this story with me, thank you. Your comments will remain as a reminder to me to never let that island magic go.


Bre said...

a) that sounds absolutely incredible. I'm profoundly jealous that you were in that lovely atmosphere and I was up to my ears in work.

b) please, please, please tell me that there are pictures or some sort of video documentation of "play that funky music"

deepThoughts said...

I'm so happy to hear that. I love vacations which are all about taking it easy. Somehow they leave you with a sense of wonder and greater appreciation of people.

I'd love to see pics too!!

justacoolcat said...

I love the Carib and plan on living there at some point.

justrun said...

As far as I know, there aren't any pictures of karaoke.
However, there are lots of pictures and I'm sure they'll make their way into future posts. :-)

coolcat-I am all about that plan.

Neil said...

That sounds like more than a vacation... it sounds like an inspiration experience. (but remember that the Rocky Mountains have their own awe-inspiring beauty, too)

Sister Buckle said...

Wow dude. I mean - wow. If you're going to have a holiday, that's the effect you're dreaming it'll have. That's amazing.

Now I want a holiday!

Oksana & I are trying to wrangle a few days in Melbourne over the Easter long weekend. That'll involve lots of that dancing & dreaming Otis talked about. He rocks. Good on ya for being open and letting the islands work their magic.

justrun said...

SB- Magic is the absolute perfect word. You rock.