Wednesday, July 25, 2007

This is me, all over the place

I am insane. JACC was right. To counter, apparently, my 4:00 a.m. run from my last post, I decided tonight, an 8:00 p.m. run was in order. I was busy earlier, I told myself. And it was hot, my gosh was it hot. I think it was four hundred degrees as it has been for the last week. So I told myself I'd wait. Or maybe do another early run tomorrow. These were all good excuses, I thought. But as I ran tonight, I just got to thinking I'm so all over the place lately, it's obvious my urge to run is no different.

There are a lot of reasons for it, I suppose. In a lot of ways, it's been evident all around. The following, because I lack creativity at the moment, are good examples of the crazy that has been me here lately:

- I actually woke myself up in the middle of the night by talking. Of course, I've been known to talk in my sleep (I used to scare my sister out of her room when we were younger) but this was just a bit much. I was having a pretty serious conversation.

- I have been relying entirely too much on cold cereal to sustain me. Don't get me wrong, I love cereal but even I know this is not good.

- My sister and nephew arrived yesterday. They're here for the duration, until my brother-in-law comes home. This is not really an example of why I've lost it unless you count that I actually believe deep in my heart that I really can sing just because a one-year-old dances when I do.

- The other day, on someone's blog, another commenter made a [what I consider to be closed-minded] comment to me and it actually hurt my feelings. I inexplicably got pretty offended when I know I shouldn't, because I don't know this person. I think if you make comments on a blog, they're fair "game." I guess everyone does not see it this way. Alright, enough of that.

- I have really been in the mood to mow the lawn. I offered to mow my mother's tonight and she told me no. No. I couldn't believe it.

- I am starting school at the end of the month. Oh, I haven't mentioned this, you say? Yeah, I know. It's because I haven't thought about it. I keep telling myself I'll get into it. Any minute now...

- I bought a lottery ticket. Need I say more?


Bre said...

Gracious, girl! Allow my comment to be scattered as well...

1. I hate idiot commenters
2. If I had a lawn, you could mow it for me - I hate doing that!
3. I talk in my sleep too, but I've yet to wake myself up from it!
4. Hurray! School! New adventure!

e.b. said...

Well lady I do have a lawn and it needs a mowin', so really when you buy that plane ticket you can have first dibbs on it.

It seems that a lot is going on and that explains the all over the place feeling. School? That is a big deal in and of itself. I anticpate more details soon.

And of course best of luck with that lotto!

Danielle said...

Hey, have to go when the urge hits...when you are having "off days" they you (and I) have, if you feel like doing it, go. Doesn't matter if it's 4 am or 8 pm...

Idiot bloggers...yeah...thankfully I haven't run across (or at least noticed anything) too hurtful out there, but I'm sure I could and do offend people, but oh well. You have a right to your opinions and your thoughts as does everyone that lives in a free society. know, that's part of why I want to get into a house, I want to mow the lawn. It's such a satisfying thing as you see the progress you make as you are doing it!

The Exception said...


I hate feeling scattered as I am never sure what to do first and am so scattered that I can't think, "Just start here and that will take care of one thing!" That would be too easy!

Very exciting about school but that can be nerve racking too. I would love to hear what you are going to study etc.

She wouldn't let you mow the lawn - wow!

Commenting is interesting. I always think that the comment exchange is supposed to be between post author and commenting individual... and yet sometimes it isn't. Sorry someone said something that hurt your feelings.

Perhaps you would enjoy a vacation to relieve your scattered state of mind? ;)

Anonymous said...

maybe you'll win. i want to win the lottery but i never play.

but i either way you are awesome and we are all insane. just breathe.

brookem said...

hey, remember that scent from the gap, i think it was called... "grass?" that's right. maybe you'd like it?

i love me some cold cereal too.

tell us more about school!

appletini said...

I LOVE cold cereal. AND I think that it is so funny that you woke yourself up by talking in you sleep:)

Have alot on your mind, huh?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

The lawn mower is in the garage, the door is unlocked. Help yourself!

Accc! School!

justacoolcat said...

If I wake myself up it's usually from drooling.

You really have a lot going on. I say if you really want to push the insane thing you should mow your lawn at 4am.

sue said...

School, huh? Way to go!

I don't think ALL cold cereal is a bad thing... they have vitamins and stuff in 'em and some can be good for you... unless you're eating the ones that are pure sugar. Guess you didn't specify....

I won't even comment on the commenters.

I always get a lottery ticket. Just one. It is worth a buck to dream for a week...

Cravey said...

one of my favorite things about running is it's always just there for you. No class schedule - just put your shoes on and get to it. When I get all over the map with my running I tell myself I'm training myself to be more flexible and not so regimented. It only works a little bit.

Add me to the list of people who need their grass cut - if you need any extra cash you've apparently got a side gig.


singleton said...

OMG, do you wanna mow my lawn? I'll feed you Margueritas and the neighbors will be thrilled. Everytime I drag out the mower, I just sketch designs in the overgrowth....they would so LOVE YOU!

peace, girl, and yeah, if a one year old dances, you've got it going on!

OC said... I sit here reading, eating Special K for dinner... (okay, Special K with chocolate chunks for dinner)... is there something wrong with that?

...anxious to hear about the school endeavor.

Nat said...

Okay, I see nothing wrong with eating cereal as a meal other than breakfast. I usually have it twice a day. It's got a lot of good stuff in it I'm sure. Great job on the running, especially when it's been soooo hot.