Friday, July 27, 2007

Then we'll just have to move again

Some friends of mine have been renovating their new home. Mostly, they've been doing the work themselves. In the beginning, I think they were excited. "A real bonding experience," they thought. Now, I think when one of them doesn't throw a belt sander at the other's head, they consider it a good day.

"Jill? JILL!"

"WHAT!" She wasn't asking a question.


"I'M OUT FRONT! Could you please not yell across the house for me... at least not right now."

Sam shows up on the front porch. "What are you talking about?"

"Don't yell across the house for me when I'm bringing trash from the house to the porch."

"Okaaaayyyy..." Sam doesn't know where she's going with this.

"You just can't yell and draw attention to us with all this trash on the porch! Then we'll be known as 'those people with the trashy house who yell all the time.'"

They hope to have all renovations complete by Thanksgiving.


GirlGoyle said...

OMG..I know the feeling. All those projects that look like fun and sound great when you have in mind the finished result. And then, as you begin to work and realzie it's never ending you start to contemplate how to get away with arson. Burn it all to the ground and cash the insurance check.

The Exception said...

They will have a stronger relationship once this project is finished - even if they are the people with the trash on the porch and who yell all the time!

Sizzle said...

heh. what ever will the neighbors think? ;)

Runner Girl FL said...

I'm always worried about having the crappiest house on the block because of something on the porch. Mostly they can't see cobwebs from the road. Having Oak trees all around the lot I have LOTS of spiders and it is an unending battle on the porch for who lives there.

justacoolcat said...

This is why I prefer to hire people for projects. It keeps the homefront chill.

Bre said...

Ha! I bet if they ply the neighbors with alcohol and cupcakes all will be forgiven!