Wednesday, July 18, 2007

One Must Control One's Ambition

Yesterday, against the odds, I had a fantastic run. As I was out on the roads, chugging away and feeling surprisingly good about it, I found myself almost elated. I kept thinking how I was going to come home and call some of my running friends and tell them "woot! I am back!" How happy they'd be- how tolerant.

I thought of how I'd write a story on my blog that though it was ninety-five degrees and drier than fire, I still managed to keep a good pace and, gasp!, enjoy myself. I thought I'd talk about hills as if they were nothing and how my body felt powerful and strong again.

No matter who I encountered on the run, I wanted to tell them all how great I felt and how happy I was. I felt the need to grab them by the shoulders (yes, even the elderly lady and her poodle) and tell them exactly how fantastic it was and shout DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS TO ME! I was fully charged, like I could have run all night.

Then, I got home, drank a half gallon of water, ate some dinner, watched thirty minutes of some new-fangled* Candid Camera, and went to bed. No need to get ahead of ourselves.


* It is too a word. I don't care what spell check or anyone else says.


justacoolcat said...

Nice job! I had the same sort of day yesterday. A nice gym workout during lunch and then a 1.5 hour bike ride of hills in the heat afterwork.

ps - You are totally making fun of me with this title.
Wordv: doesdmr

justrun said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that. :)

And to the WV: I would have to say: Yes, one does.

egan said...

Oh hells yeah, she's back! I love a good run like this. Did you have a huge grin on your face while running too? The extra spring in the step is awesome.

e.b. said...

woah crazy lady - try to control yourself, sounds like a rockin tuesday night!!!

justrun said...

Egan- I almost always have a goofy grin anyway. :)

e.b.- Oh yeah... and you don't even want to know what dinner was.

brookem said...

good for you!
at least it was dry heat! not humid grossness.
i want to know what dinner was!?

Josh said...

new-fangled... Yeah, I hear ya.

Sizzle said...

still, it's good!

dawn said...

You did better than me! I woke up this morning, looked around, and decided to go back to sleep. :)

Cravey said...

I had that run today. I kept making up excuses to keep running 'just a little longer' and while our temps were the same we had something in the neighborhood of 475% humidity. Welcome to the east coast.
It's a little like running in bisque. Not so nice.
But, congrats on the stellar run.

appletini said...

YEAH! That's awesome! Give me some of that running euphoria! I hate to run :)

Guilty Secret said...

Oh I know exactly what you mean, I love those days when I run like that! Why can't every run be like that? Thanks for a really positive post... I'm going to really go for it tonigth now!

Danielle said...

Ah, that's fantastic that the runs are coming around. I'm still anticipating that. Maybe once I get my leg loosened up. Things are feeling OK, and actually, last night it was raining and I went for a run in it, even had some downpour at one point and it felt nice. I was a duck in a past life I think! :)

(you should've shaken at least the poodle!)

Airam said...

Ohhhh hearing a story like this makes me want to run now!!!!!

afuntanilla said...

i am smiling for you as i read this! YEAH!!! you describe the moment perfectly. RIGHT ON, GIRL!!