Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It is really for your own protection

I like things on time.

I'm not afraid to admit it. I like when 6:00 means 6:00 and ten minutes actually turns out to be ten minutes. I like meetings to start on time and more so, end on time. It is less because I am uber-important and I have a scientifically orchestrated schedule and more that I just like things to go as planned. (Hello, do we notice a theme this week? Yes, I know. Thank you.)

This is odd because I do consider myself a spontaneous person. Just last night, in fact, I pushed a fully clothed friend into a pool just because I could. How is that for spur of the moment? I am not the person who knows what they're having for dinner a week from tomorrow or how many miles I'll run on Saturday (though please, God, let it be some miles because the running lately has not been stellar- but we will discuss this another day). I'm all for just going with what feels good, within reason, and letting the rest happen.

The thing is, it's dangerous. Something not starting or ending on time equals me, slightly afflicted with all things hyperactive, to be left to my own devices. If I have a block of time that I thought was accounted for, who knows what could happen. There's a long list of things I've done when I had unplanned spare time including clean the oven (good), "invent" my own beer tap (not good), and write a song about thongs (oh trust me, way before any other song about thongs came about- remind me to share it sometime, you'll love it).

I guess what I'm saying is, if anything you have planned ever involves me, please be as on time as possible. If you're going to meet me for a run at 4:00, know that I will be ready at 4:00. I cannot be responsible for any ridiculousness that might occur if you're late.

Exhibit A:


Danielle said...

Ah yes...late...so not fun. I have a friend I have to say I will meet 15 minutes before I actually want to meet her because she's ALWAYS that late!

Cravey said...

Say it again Sister!

One of my best friends is chronically 10 minutes late, I am chronically 10 minutes early - by the time I've waited 20 minutes.. well, things get interesting.

Backofpack said...

At least you entertain yourself. I just get ticked.I'm trying to learn to be more understanding...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I have some dear friends who have no concept of time and I find that I am completely unprepared when they do show up on time occasionally - throws me right off.

I am glad to hear that you have not been plotting world domination during those ten minute waits.

The Exception said...

I could have written this though I don't get creative when people are late - I simply get restless, which is not a good thing either. I am trying to relax about it but I have a tendency to view it as an issue of respect for my time, my schedule, etc.

I need to get over it.

appletini said...

You'd be doing a lot of ridiculous things if you were waiting for me..... I tend to usually run 5 - 10 minutes late :)

e.b. said...

Oh dear...I am late runner, or a run later, or whatever.

brookem said...

i'm with you on being on time. and i hate hate when meetings run overtime.
you posted a pic! i have been wondering what one of my favorite bloggers looks like! thank you:)

sue said...

Duly noted.

Dawn said...

A meeting running over is the WORST!

Sizzle said...

i am always taking pictures of myself though i doubt i can blame it on unaccounted for time. darn! (love the pic!)

i like things to be done in a timely manner and i get rather miffed if someone is late and at the very least doesn't message me about said lateness. it's rude! (this said by a girl whose best friend is notoriously late.)

what i mean to say is, i'm with you on this one sister.

Bre said...

Thank god I'm not the only person out there who does this sort of thing!!

I'm perpetually early... like at least 10 minutes early for things. Sigh.

afuntanilla said...

too true! i especially hate it when someone makes us late for the movie and i miss the previews. uurrgghh

singleton said...

The only time I wanna be late is when we all agree,
we're gonna be late!

JustRun said...

Danielle- I have used that same strategy!

Cravey- I think a little early most of the time ought to be the rule.

BoP- Sometimes I get ticked, too.

Barb- Not YET!

Exception- Sometimes I do, too. But now I figure I'm just better for being productive! ha.

Appletini- See, but if I know that then I know better. :)

e.b.- How about runner later?

brooke- Yeah, unshowered and my mouth gaping... pretty much like any other day. :)

sue- Well thank you!

Dawn- I concur.

sizzle- It is funny the things we'll accept from some and not others.

Bre- That is why we are bloggie friends.

afunatilla- You and me, both!

singleton- Oh that is a GREAT point!

Maggie said...

I have a problem with people being late and not calling. It drives me nuts. I'll just leave them.

You're much nicer than I. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm all about being puctual. Actually I like to be about 5 minutes early. I figure I should always plan if there is a huge traffic jam because in chicago there always is and if I'm early I get to read an extra page or two in my book I carry with me almost every where. Time is definitely of essence.

Anonymous said...

oh no. i hate people who are tardy. i'm always ten minutes early. i'm too impatient to wait around for others.

Airam said...

Ha .... too funny!

And I hate waiting for people ... the worst is when you're given a "window" of time ...

justrun said...

Maggie- I'm not always nice.

Nicole- Reading is a great backup... I need to do that more often.

Kate- Yeah, patience is not my specialty either.

Airam- I agree, that is the WORST!

justacoolcat said...

I prefer island time where 10 minutes means sometime and fashionably late means when I arrive. ;-)

justrun said...

Oh, JACC, my friend, we KNOW that's different.

And we like it that way.

Sister Buckle said...

I mean, why do people have phones and text each other all the time if they can't make a bloody plan and stick to it? Nobody should be left at a loose end in this glorious age!

Being late without a proper reason is arrogant! Arrogant! And Australians hate arrogance. And fancy cars. Airs and graces. Fakery. Being late is one of those passive aggressive things that the late-er (you are the late-ee) can say "What's the big deal? Don't get so upset!" and then they're all surprised when you headbutt them.


Oh, I just remembered - I do like the Bat Car in Batman Begins. I can handle that fancy car. That was a cool fancy car. And it's fast, so the driver would always be on time (hopefully).

Josh said...

Hmmmm, how did your friend feel about being pushed into the pool?