Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Time for Something

Sitting back at work for the second day in a row with a box of bricks for a head, I'm sort of realizing it's getting near time for a change. Maybe it's just the fact that I'm sick, frustrated that I can't think clearly and have watched one too many beach breaks, but something just feels off. Of course, it also could be the fact that nothing smells good, tastes good or sounds good right now, either. You could put a bacon cheeseburger buffet (four out of five of my favorite things) in front of me right now and I'd be only mildly impressed.

I've been accused before of being a planner- always thinking about and plotting the next step before the current one is complete. Right now, though, I'm less in the mood to plan and more in the mood to do. No doubt I will be just as anal as ever about it, but that feeling of accomplishment might actually push me a little further than just thinking about it. Imagine that.

The little "business" a friend and I sort of started a couple months back is just that: little. It's a fun hobby that brings in extra cash but I feel now just as I did soon after we started, it's not going to be the main event. But maybe that's it, maybe there is no one "main" event. The common thread in anything I have done, do, or will do is ME. So somehow, I need to get a handle on that. I know what I want to do, and what I'd like to do, but can I do it? Can I keep the wheels turning? Can I take steps I've never taken before?

The short answer, I think, is yes. But not because stars are aligned (though that would help) or magic is happening (also helpful) but because I'm willing to do it. I'm willing to do the work. It's different now, at least I hope it is. I think my expectations are real, and my heart is in it. Sure, I'd still like to go back to school or fill my time with doing crafty-type things (as several of my blog readers and I have shared with one another in the past) but now, I want to concentrate on a real shift. A real move toward something different.*

*I don't actually plan on physically moving at all. For now.



Help me, please. If you fancy yourself at all a smarty or blog superstar, I could really use some info. I will repay in cookies- promise.

Did anyone, when switching from old to new blogger have issues with their sitemeter or statcounter? Where did you put the code in the new format? Am I missing something or am I just slow? 'Cause it ain't workin' for me.
Thank you, thank you.


Runner Girl FL said...

I went into "customize" and added a new page element to the sidebar area (you can pick them up and drag them around too) and picked the html type. Then I copied the code for the counter thing into it. (the little symbol shows up under my little white tiger)

If you need anymore help e-mail me at

Bre said...

I solved all of my issues by joining wordpress. Jealous? You should be ;) come over to the daaaaaaark siiiiiddddeee!

Otherwise, I find myself feeling like I'm on the verge of something, I just don't know quite what. Odds are, it's a nervous breakdown, but I'm crossing my fingers that it turns out to be something ... nicer!

Danielle said...

Hey, being on the verge of something and knowing at least where you want to go is step one. I'm still sitting here, wondering what I want to do. I've told myself no more moves and/or changes until I know it's where I want to be...being stuck waiting and wondering sucks...on the edge...that's good!!

Backofpack said...

I can't wait to see where this change takes you - and to see what it is!

justacoolcat said...

I didn't have any problems with the switch, but I don't think they changed my template. Just my account.

Is there a way to edit the template HTML? If so you can add the stat code into the body tag.

I think there is a restlessness with the season that makes us all want to make changes in our life.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your new journey wherever it may take you.

Sorry I have no advice on the blog issues - computers and i speak a different language.

runliarun said...

I'd so much like to know what the real thing is for you. I could not quite figure out whether you yourself know or not yet. I'd like to know that for myself also :). (Just as an aside, I'd love to do art all day long). We can always take new steps into unknown territory. Everything is always in flux