Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Garden of the Happy*

Last weekend the Front Range was finally graced with a couple days so sunny and beautiful, fifty degrees (F) began to make me actually believe that Summer might return this year. Instead of the Winter blues, I was doing some serious Summer dreamin'. And not just the oh-I-feel-the-sun-on-my-face-how-wonderful kind of dreaming but also the oh-I-should-start-bringing-out-the-summer-clothes-and-(insert jumping up and down here) the-flip-flops-too kind of dreaming.
One of the reasons I love warmer weather is because it gets me out. It relaxes me and allows me to appreciate everything around me more. It's not that I don't marvel at the beautiful place I get to live every day, but when I'm allowed to just sit and bask in it for a while, it makes me wonder why I ever pine for other places. Well, sort of anyway.

I feel like it's a gift to not only have beauty around me but have the ability to appreciate it.
Sometimes, I look around me and think "how can I not be happy?"

While walking around on Sunday, recovering from a great eight miler on Saturday, looking at beautiful things, appreciating things larger and more stunning than I have words for, the thought came to me: I am one of the happiest people I know. Yes, I might be a huge dork for saying so on my blog, but the best part of being happy (as well as the best part of being a dork) is you don't care. That's how good it is.

If that's not enough, it feels peaceful too. It feels like I can walk down the street and smile at people and not even have a reason why. And so I do, and I like it. It feels natural where as times in the past, it's been more difficult.

Who knows, it might just be a moment. A part of time when I get to take a look around, at the hills and rocks where I grew up and love it for everything I've always known it to be but also things I might never have seen before. It doesn't effect me the same way other places do; it has no high and low tide, it has no shore. I make an excellent beach bum, there is no doubt.

But it does have it's own rhythm and it's own way of comforting me when I need it.

That seems okay at times, too. With everything else life brings, the 99.99% of things you don't write about on your blog, living in a place that actually feels good and feels like home is really the best comfort you could hope for.
And if all else fails, I also have, quite possibly, the cutest dog on Earth. That also makes me pretty happy.

*The photos (except that of the dog) were taken at Garden of the Gods, CO.


e.b. said...

Is this the shiny new camera? Takes wonderful pics.

Sizzle said...

i love that you are that happy. that's fantastic!

your dog does rival all others in cuteness.

runliarun said...

It's almost strange that the sheer sight of the mountains can do exactly this - make us happy. Sometimes I look at the Sandia range, when I walk out the door, so close I could run to it (I think), and the beauty takes my breath away. And I ask myself, like you: how can I not be happy, when I have this every day?

Bre said...

Those mountains look nice and warm! Unlike the mountains here... which are currently being hit by a foot of snow!

Danielle said...

I was going to guess those were at Garden of the Gods...I've been there!! I have relatives in CO and one trip out when I was young we went to Garden of the Gods...thing I remember most is the kissing camels formation. You're lucky with 50 degree temps...I'm I'm really, really lucky, I might see temps like that in another month or two...sigh...why do I live here? I don't have ocean, I don't have mountains...

Runner Girl FL said...

Those are fantastic pictures!! Someday I will see mountians like that!! I will!! I will!!

The dog is *VERY* cute as well.

justacoolcat said...

I wonder what is up with naming rocky places "Garden of the Gods"?

They have one in Haw3aii too.

Josh said...

Cute dog and fab pics.

I gotta get out of the city more often...

Backofpack said...

I know exactly what you mean. I must say, some days I look at my husband, or my sons and the same thought crosses my mind. I am so happy - so rich in love and life. Living in a beautiful place, sharing my life with great people - and not just my family, but my friends.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Although I've never been a fan of mountains (the ones where I live are all dark and pointy and make me feel hemmed in), but yours are lovely - all round and weird looking - they have personality. And I'll bet your adorable dog does as well.

Sempre Libera said...

You have a great attitude. Keep it up!