Saturday, January 27, 2007

Did you know people born after 1980 are considered adults now?

I let an eighteen-year-old girl do my hair today. She's actually quite good, advanced for her level, her instructor says. However, she's still 18. For sure.

18: So, do you like music?

Me: Definitely. Just about everything, too. How about you?

18: Oh, I love music. All kinds, too. Music is my life!

Me: Really?

18: Yes, I love it!

Me: Any favorites?

18: I love Rock the most!

Me: Oh yeah, like what?

18: Ummm, like Nickelback. And Hinder! I really like them! What about you?

Me: Yeah, there are a lot of good newer bands. I guess I like some older ones, too, though. And I grew up on Classic Rock, so I'm partial to that.

18: Classic Rock?

Me: Yeah, you know... Led Zeppelin? Queen? Aerosmith?

18: Umm, kinda. Like I think I know Aerosmith... what are their songs I would know?

Me: What will she know? Hmmm? Well, they have quite a few. Maybe you've heard Sweet Emotion? or Crazy? Jaded?



18: Oh, are those the guys with like, all the hair and stuff?

Me: Yeah, a lot of hair.

Yeah, I know not everyone has to know Classic Rock. Even if "music is your life!"


singleton said...

Funny, but my 18 year old was born to Led Zepplin lull-a-byes! And rocked to words like....."We will, we will...rock you!"
Too funny!

Nicole said...

This is hilarious.
I used to think I was old when I had patients with birthdays in the 80's but the other day I had a patient who was born in the 90's. Boy do I feel old when I work with these kids.

Runner Girl FL said...

That's funny!! a little scary but FUNNY!

Bre said...

Welcome to my world! I showed a picture of myself as a child to a coworker, and her student aide who saw it asked if I was dressing up fro 80's day. I carefully explained that it was actually the 80's. Oy.

Sizzle said...

shouldn't hair be her life? i'm just saying... ;)

btw, you haven't told me some of your favorite tunes/musicians so i can get you that mix cd!

GirlGoyle said...

Born in the 80s are now adults....oh boy. I don't know what is scarier, that or the fact that someone whose life is about music and hair knows nothing about either. How can you NOT know Aerosmith and Led Zepplin. They are not just classic rock...they are legends of rock. We grew up on the stuff but still knew who our predecessors were. I think adulthood nowadays is a bit centric.

Danielle said... is kind of mind boggling...I feel so old...:(

runliarun said...

They may be adults... but of a different kind. Much more wired into technology than into culture. I just met a 25-year old who does not know the Beatles.

Ginger Breadman said...

they should teach music history class in schools - everything from aboriginal drumming to Mozart to Curt Cobain.

Josh said...

On Thursday I was having drinks with some co-workers. The bar we were at was near Madison Sq. Garden and was WAY more busy than normal becuase there was a Bob Seger concert that night. Fully 4 of my colleagues had never heard of Bob Seger.

Turn the page...

justrun said...

Singleton- Good, at least that's one!

Nicole- Yeah, wow... the 90's, that was just like yesterday, right?

RGF- I know. I was baffled.

Bre- HAHAHA! I understand.

Sizzle- I will get it done, promise.

GG- Oh, she did know about hair. Mine, anyway. It looks great!

Danielle- I know, more so every day.

Lia- Wow, I thought every American had to know the British Invasion. Yikes!

Ginger- I agree! A LOT!

Josh- Wow! Seriously? How is that possible?

justacoolcat said...

Hmmm, THe Wifey was born in 1980.