Saturday, December 02, 2006

Helping of Snow

When you need to sit inside, get your house, your suitcase, and your thoughts together, it helps if it's cold and snowy outside. Thankfully, this is what I'm getting today. We're getting a good share of snow and though I hate it, it's going to help.
I'm not running today, treadmill or otherwise. According to schedule, I ought to do an eight miler today but according to my knee, I need to take some Advil, rest and have confidence that my training will get me through the marathon.
I have some good friends that are a doctor and nurse (and husband and wife) and they are both reassuring me that rest and keeping the knee from getting stiff are the best things I can do for myself right now. I am doing my darndest to believe them, afterall aside from being adorable and successful, they have something like 14 years of combined schooling and twice that in experience. And my medical knowledge comes from working at a veterinary clinic for four years and Google. Obviously, I need to listen to them.
Inevitably, though, the nerves will still get to me. I'm trying to stay calm. Trying to take care of myself. This last week before the race, I have a pretty well-planned diet, I'm avoiding alcohol and excessive sugar, I'm stretching; just trying to maintain. Later tonight might put that off course a little becuase if someone I'm having dinner with wants to order me a glass of wine, I am not going to refuse. But overall, I'm just trying to not lose my mind in taper-mode.
M friend, the nurse, told me that these last couple weeks before are PMS (Pre-Marathon Syndrome). The body and mind are a little whacky, which is remarkably similar to the actual PMS. I've tapered for half marathons a ton of times, but the experience is different. Completely different.
Which is why I'm glad the snow came today, and who would have ever though I would say that? I needed something to make me stay in, relax and take care of business. And also, a good reason to drink tea and watch a movie or two.


skinnylittleblonde said...

Wow! That is a gray day blanketed with white snow. Ugh, even here in the deep south, it is cold today. i'm still in my flannels & have the wood burning stove cranked up...tea is in my cup & the dogs are all curled up at my feet.
A tea toast ~ to peaceful colds days.

backofpack said...

You sound much calmer than the last post. I love snowy days when you can stay inside, and I think your plan sounds great!

Dawn said...

You'll do fine. I read about some guy in Runner's World who'd never run one before who completed his in his goal time. He also got hurt and was unable to do his last two long runs...and he still made his time! Pretty incredible.

Josh said...

SNOW DAY!!!! YES!!!!!!

Good luck at the half - I am sure your knee will hold up.

justrun said...

Skinny- It's good, isn't it?

BoP- Yeah, my freak outs tend to "spike" and then calm down a little. At least I'm predictable!

Dawn- Some people are just made for it... I'm not one of those. :)

Josh- It's a full, which is probably why I'm freaking out a little.

Sizzle said...

i'm glad mother nature could give you that extra push. i miss the snow. enjoy it for me too. :)

e.b. said...

A snowed-in day kind of sounds nice (it is 83 here) and what you needed. It seems like you are breathing and slightly more relaxed. Good luck with the knee.

Runner Girl FL said...

Hehehe I was going to write something like e.b. But...she beat me to it.

I don't want so much cold but a little cooler would be nice. I have my AC on again!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could send you all of our snow in Chicago - I HATE it.

Good luck with your PmarathonS!
You'll be awesome though - no worries.

dodong flores said...

The snow should help. You may also have to stay inside and the do indoor stuff... Nice blog you got here. Pretty interesting...