Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Do I Know It's Christmastime At All?

I have not gotten into the Christmas spirit this year. Save for a wreath and a stocking, I haven't pulled out a single decoration. I haven't turned on the Christmas music I usually love. I haven't looked around the neighborhood to see the effort of stringing lights and the careful placement of candy cane lawn ornaments. It has all happened while my back was turned.

I was really busy up until now. I've missed the lights and the trees, the parties and the cards. Thanks to the internet and a couple lunchtime errands, I've skipped wandering the stores altogether. And now, it's all going on and I feel like I'm watching it from the outside, through a window. I'm going through the motions, but I'm about as unplugged as Willy Nelson in the back of a tour bus, minus the dope.

I'm not really bothered by it, either. What's strange is that I'm okay with it. When I think of pulling out all those decorations, I think of the time and the work, not the twinkling lights and sentimental ornaments. I think, to myself, that they'll only be up for a couple weeks anyway and, somewhat sadly, what's the point anyway? Who's going to enjoy it? Me and the dog? Nah, I'll just go see my mom's ten Christmas trees if I need a dose of that. And it seems fine by me.

I find my mind already wandering to January and beyond. To healing my foot and my knee, making more time for weight training, late Winter and early Spring events and 2007 travel plans. I'm thinking about better triceps and sun, not garland and snow. It surprises me how complacent I am, but I feel like if I just do everything I need to, like send the cards, bake the cookies, give the gifts and look at the lights, I'll be doing what I'm supposed to do. Maybe I don't have to be over the moon about Christmastime, as long as I find a way to appreciate the season and steal a moment or two to remember what it's about, maybe that's enough.


Thanks for the kind comments and emails lately. Obviously you are in the spirt. I appreciate it. :)


Roberta said...

Hey ya! I get to comment first. woohoo...ok...enough of that. I'm sort of glad to see that I'm not the only one not feeling the holidays. I do enjoy seeing that it's here and the lights in the windows I can't bring myself to feel it. I'm outside looking in with you. I'm wondering if this feeling isn't brought on by the wierd weather and the total overkill of Christmas. I mean, Thanksgiving wasn['t even over and stores were pushing holiday stuff. Eh my charlie brown xmas tree has been in the living room for over a week now and it's sitting there as bare as can be. I think he might end up staying naked. I'm all for a glass of wine, a few holiday gifts and an early bed time. No worries you aren't alone.

Runner Girl FL said...

I had a year like that a couple years ago. It's ok to not do as much one year as long as you don't let it get you down. I'm doing less this year than last because of the running too but I have a tree and the family will open presents at my house this year!!

e.b. said...

I am enjoying my first Christmas and feeling the excitement ten fold. So I am making up for others who have less "time" for the holiday. Sending some holiday happiness your way.

Anonymous said...

I'm certain that you can wear any of these sweaters to make up for the lack of spirit.

Also, my present can be you posting a pic of yourself while wearing said sweater.

Dawn said...

I've got the blahs too...I spose that's okay huh?

Danielle said...

You know, I was all excited about the lights, and I do enjoy my lights, but the rest of it I'm bah humbug about. Especially working part-time retail, you get tired of it all really quickly. And there is nothing wrong with just enjoying what others have. Who says you have to go over the top decorating every year? It's not what the season is about.