Tuesday, November 07, 2006

There are some things in which I refuse to compromise

Thanks for all the great comments on yesterday's entry. It's a tough time and knowing that others understand is comforting, if even in a temporary way. I've not come to terms with it yet as I know it's too soon to make decisions, but today is better than yesterday. I refuse to back down, just yet. I won't compromise what I want for the latest challenge. It will be okay. And I know life will keep going whether I choose to participate or not.

Like this little bit of fun:

I get a note from a potential date the other night. Strangely, not an online dater but another "set up" type of situation. We'd exchanged emails, asked a few questions and all seemed normal. In my note to him, I asked him what kind of music he liked. He listed: rock, heavy, classic, jazz blues, good signs so far. Then, he said this: I absolutely hate country music. Despise it, every bit of it. From the old to the new to everything in between, hate it. I just can't make myself listen to it.

So I emailed, in so many words, back: Sorry, I just don't think we're a good fit. Best of luck to you.

And it wasn't because he didn't like country music. We all don't have to love every bit of music out there. What got me was how closed-minded ("the old, the new, everything in between") and adamant ("hate it") he was. If you're like this about country music, how are you going to be about my dog? Really, open the mind a little. I dislike certain music, I don't "absolutely hate" anything. The only thing I do hate is closed-mindedness. It has little to do with the music.

Except for the fact that, dude, my childhood was built on that stuff. Come on, now!

So, you see, other parts of life go on. I just wish every decision were so easy.


P.S. Hope you voted today! I did.

P.P.S. To all my friends in the PNW, hope you're not getting flooded right now. Be safe!


singleton said...

God bless the dog!
And PS: If he's never ever been touched by one country line ever before, in between or now, no matter what.... he ain't listening! Not even to his rock and roll! Keep it up JR, you rock when it comes to screening em out!

backofpack said...

At this very moment, in my small town, it is NOT raining. It hasn't rained in an hour - a whole hour! However, schools have been closed as the rivers rise. Water is flowing everywhere. It's kind of cool in a strange way - but then, extreme weather always is.

Glad you are feeling more positive today - there was lots of good advice in that last batch of comments. I'm hoping for you!

PS. Thanks for the Mom comment - that is a high compliment in my book!

Anonymous said...

You go - way to stick to your guns. I like it. Keep the strength and use it for positive, for marathon running. It will happen.

Ginger Breadman said...

That whole close-mindedness thing is really interesting. Why, when you are talking to someone who you're hoping to meet, would you close yourself off to something so abruptly? Doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of getting to know someone and appreciate them?

Hey - I didn't see your blog yesterday 'til just now - I hope things are going okay. Give your mind time to settle, and do whatever you can - tangibly - to help the situation. Don't lose hope - you'll get through it.

GirlGoyle said...

How can you NOT like country music. It can be a bit cheesy and at times depressing but quite entertaining. It's like a soap opera on the radio. And come on...who else would find your tractor sexy???

Anonymous said...

I think you did the right thing. Intolerance about something so little is not going to work when larger important issues come up.

justrun said...

Singleton- I know, right?! How can you not find something in there you like?

BoP- Glad you guys are okay for now. I hear you about extreme weather, it's pretty amazing when it's not coming in your house. :)
Thanks again.

e.b.- Thanks.

Ginger- Thanks for the kind comments. And yes, I have no idea what some people expect from the impressions they give new people. It's so odd.

GG- Amen to that!

RGF- I agree. It was a red flag.

Sizzle said...

i couldn't comment until now because i was up to my eyeballs in floodwater.

i jest.

if only dating decisions were always that cut and dry, no?

justacoolcat said...

I can see your point, but I'm going to be the one dissenting voice here with a caution. Text in all it's forms tends to read a little harsh and it's tough to gauge tone, intent, etc.

So cutting him off could be viewed as a little harsh.

I imagine him on his blog writing about the girl that wouldn't date him because he hated country music without even asking about the tractor that ran him over and stole his dog. Followed by hordes of commenters saying how insensitive and close minded this girl must be.

So you know, I repect your choice, but perhaps a touch trigger happy.

Then again, I hate country music.

justrun said...

Sizzle- It was obvious to me.

JACC- I see your point, but I'll take my chances. Afterall, it's about something feeling right, and that sure didn't.

justacoolcat said...

It always comes down to chemistry. It's odd that we can't define it, but we always know whether it's there or not.

Sister Buckle said...

I think you're right. If he's that close-minded about music, he's probably a total dead number in bed. Socks on, one position etc.

Sorry to hear about your knee and ensuing gloominess. Just try to remember it's temporary. That's what I do. "I may feel like shit but this will be different soon".