Sunday, October 01, 2006

Take What You Can Get

Ran twelve miles this morning. I wasn't hard but it sure wasn't easy, either. I keep wondering if I'll ever have a time in my life when training doesn't equal pain. I know in a post a couple days ago, I told RunnerGirlFL that training doesn't stop hurting but sheesh, I guess someone should have told me.

Yes, I know, it's a good pain. Still, I want one of those float-on-air long runs one day. I seem to get a few miles here and a mile there, but never an entire long run. If I do have a great few miles in the middle of a run, I tend to consider that a good run but really, I'm selfish and want the entire 12 miles to be perfect. And if I'm being really honest, I'd like a negative split, too. Until then I will have to take what I'm given.

Speaking of taking what I'm given, I had a Driver Shout Out this morning on my run. Most runners will tell you that once in a while, at least, someone going down the road in a car feels the need to shout something out their window at you, the runner. Sometimes it's encouraging like "good for you" and "go go go" and sometimes, like when I was running down a long Kentucky road one Spring it's "hey good lookin', someone chasin' ya?" (I told him yes, by the way). But today was a first. I approached a crosswalk right in front of a truck. The truck was nice enough to stop for me but as I made it around the front on the driver's side, a man in a suit leaned out the window a bit and said "Should be on your way to church, young lady" as if I were out on the corner selling something, if you know what I mean.

This infuriated me. Who was he to tell me when to go to church? This stranger? This stranger who knows nothing about my faith or which services I may or may not attend. This man in this truck had the nerve to judge me? Me, minding my own business, running down the road on Sunday morning. Honestly? I rolled my eyes, took a deep breath and kept running. I wondered who he was though. I wondered why he said that. I wondered what I was supposed to get from it. Was I supposed to get some sort of message from this? I wonder if he knew that when I rolled my eyes it was my faith and beliefs- not to mention, manners- that kept me from doing something worse.

That was the most exciting thing on the run today. Otherwise, it was hot and clearly, Indian Summertime here in the Rockies (it's 80 degrees). When I returned home, covered in a combination of sweat and dried sweat that makes it look as though I took a dip in the ocean and then let the water dry on me, I saw an unexpected site.

My single, slightly scary and mysterious neighbor's car parked in the street with "Just Married" decorations hanging all over. This guy always struck me as a little odd and the times we talked, I kept it at a minimum. He wasn't overly friendly and, I guess, neither was I. I never saw a lot of people at his house, he'd just come and go quietly. So, to see that he's now married is a little surprising. But maybe this is my lesson today: don't assume. I usually don't do this, I generally feel like I'm very accepting and nonjudgemental. But I don't want to be like the guy in the truck and judge people I don't even know. So I'll be more careful to watch myself and not assume I know something about someone based solely on my perception.

And maybe one day, I will build up enough Karma or good vibes or energy to have a long run that feels fantastic from the first mile to the last.


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Sizzle said...

he SAID that? wow. people have so much nerve.

yay for 12 miles. :)

Josh said...

Long distance runners are hell-spawn. He was trying to save you from eternal damnation.

NOTE: I am just kidding.

Ginger Breadman said...

Funny how most major marathons are on Sunday mornings - just think of all those heathens out there . . . did you tell him that god would've wanted him to give all that gas-guzzling money over to the church?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes people just don't even get their own messages. It is hard sometimes to not make some sort of judgement but voicing with out knowing what the real situation is a different story.

gb - I think Marathons are on Sunday Mornings because they are all preying they fininsh. :) I know I will be in January.

justacoolcat said...

I share your pain. After training hard all last week and weekend I wrapped up the weekend with about 35 miles on the bike and an afternoon of painting and scraping a friends house.

I'm sore in spots I forgot existed.

deepThoughts said...

12 miles - That's awesome!

Regarding the truck driver, argh - unbelievable - Mr. Holier Than Thou!

Bre said...

That is an enormous amount of nerve on his part.

And yes, training does hurt. a lot. I've been wincing all day because of my poor sore paddling muscles that are yelling at me for staying out on the river an extra hour :(

runliarun said...

It had nothing to do with you. It was his problem. Don't they tell him in church to live and let live? As to your neighbor, nice to find it confirmed once more there is someone for everyone, even the odd ones like us... :)