Thursday, October 05, 2006

Life Is Full of Questions

When I posted answers from the Q & A post last week, I forgot to check emails and therefore, did not notice there were some other questions.

Without further ado:

My only known Southern reader, Celina, asked:
What's the coolest (your Most Favorite) place you've ever been, and why?

I feel the need to say that I'm so lucky. I've been able to travel a fair bit and honestly, I've loved every minute of it. Even the crowded airplanes, slow busses and busy freeways. If I could find a way to get paid to travel, I would. I'm working on that one.

Anyway, I'd have to say my Most Favorite (do capitalize your Most Favorite, it makes it seem that much better) place is the Caribbean. The islands. The water. The shore. The boats. The drinks. The people. The mood. The music. The weather. Everything. Love it, love it, love it. I'm partial to the U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands but I also wouldn't mind some Bahamian or Grenadian exposure and the Western Caribbean also has it's fair share of charm (and good beer).

My only known Aussie reader, Sister Buckle, asked:
So I was wondering, was there a time you just had so much cabin fever you ignored the weather warnings and ran out the door into climatic oblivion?

Yes, I've done this a couple times. Snow and freezing temperatures aside, it's really a nice time to be out. No one else is on the road. The first time I did this, was on my first run ever, as an adult. It was mid February, fifteen degrees and snowing. I ran about five blocks and had to turn around. It didn't matter though, I was hooked. As far as the "oblivion" part, that, I expect, is closer to how one feels after a marathon than after snow.

I also got an email from a person I like to call "Mean EMailer." He/she asked:
Do you think anyone reads your blog for fun?

Yes. Me.

(I get an inappropriate amount of satisfaction from calling Mean EMailer a "he/she.") Ha.

Today, the girl at the counter at the juice place asked me if I wanted to try a new green tea concoction. Except, she said it in a way that made me think if I didn't answer her with a yell from my gut and a high kick, I would be escorted out.

It was like HI!!!!!! WOULD YOU LIKE TO TRY THE NEW TAHITI GREEN TEA BLAH BLAH BLAH?!?!?!?!!!! IT'S AWESOME!!!!!! I said sure so she blended it up- at the same time doing a couple cartwheels and also spelling out my name with "gimme a" preceding each letter.

She then asked me to taste it because, and I quote, "I AM ALLERGIC TO CAFFEINE SO I CAN'T TRY IT BUT I BET YOU'LL LOVE IT!!!!"

All I could think was, seriously? This is you without caffeine?


This is for all the gals out there that think running is gross:

You are right.

Today, on my 7 miler, I noticed there were a lot of bugs in the air. It's gnat time, apparently. Anyway, I got home, walked into the bathroom and noticed that I had a gnat on me. Where, you ask? The miniscule but disgusting little creature was dead and stuck to my forehead. I do believe this is the first ever death caused by drowning in sweat.

That ought to be an overwhelmingly charming story to tell on my lunch date tomorrow.

Wait, did I just say that?


craig said...

I also read your blog for fun. So that makes two of us.

JustRun said...

Craig, thank you. I'm adding you to the blogroll now. Sorry it did not happen earlier, I am a space cadet! :)

Bre said...

make that three.

And also... a bug?! stuck to you!? no thank you! I'll stick to my nice gnat free treadmill / yoga class!

Anonymous said...

WHAT LUNCH DATE!! Is this the guy from the run or the fireman?!?! How can you not tell us!! The one's who read your blog for fun?!?!

BTW...Shocking Bre. :)

Danielle said...

Well, I just stumbled across your blog (can't remember from who's) and so far I'm intrigued and entertained, so must say I'll continue reading for fun as well!! (and now might have to read back to find out about mysterious lunch date). At least the bug was dead on you and didn't commit suicide by flying into your mouth as you opened it to take a breath!!

Dawn said...

Me! Me! I read your blog for fun!

Tell us more about this date! (I had one the other night with a fabulous fellow...not ready to write about it yet though). Details please!

Michael said...


I discovered your blog through Gil Rondan's Native Eye blog.
I liked your leaf photos. Autumn is just about my favorite time of year. And, although I don't know the circumstances, just the fact that you label yourself a cancer fighter is wonderful.
I've been battling a rare cancer for about five years, and in that time I've discovered just how powerful the mind and the will can be, and just how much of an influenece they can have not only over our bodies, but over every facet of our existence.

Anonymous said...

The Green Tea story is very funny... Enjoying your job is one thing. Annoying your customers by being over zealous is quite another. LOL.

Look forward to hearing about the big lunch date.

Ginger Breadman said...

um . . I read your blog for fun. It's often the first one I choose because it never fails to amuse, inspire, and entertain me. Gnats are gross - we are overwhelmed with fruit flies right now - and lunch date? Where's the next blog with the update on the lunch date? Yes, you DID just say it.

skinnylittleblonde said...

I too read your blog for fun!
Love the gnat in the south, I am afraid I have killed many over the years with my sweat...the worst is when riding your bike and coming through a swarm of them...
BTW, I love how the counter girl said it was great & then confessed that she hadn't had any. LOL...that's sales!