Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I Just Can't Get Enough


Gold is in Again

And Again

And So Is Red

I Don't Have to Rake

Fall Canopy

Almost As Good as Sand


Splinkster said...

wonderful pix of autumn colors, so you liked the coolcat pix? well I may have a few more to post in the near future ...depending upon what ammo he has stored away in his bunker that may deter me from posting...but I think i hae the larger arsnal

Devil's Son said...

not bad after all~
i like the second..."GOLD"
nice work.

GirlGoyle said...

Bare legs = warm weather which makes fall bearable. Well...then again I don't mind the cool crisp mornings. Just NOT ready for the cold. Just not ready. Nice pics!! I've been meaning to take some too and digital resides on my kitchen table and by the time I get it into my truck all the leaves will be gone. I just know it!

justrun said...

Splinkster- Yes, that was quite entertaining. But now I'm starting to feel a little bad for pointing it out. Maybe I need to post my own 80's pic so I don't feel so mean.

DS- Not bad after all? Were you expecting worse? ;)

GG- I had to make myself get out and see it while I could. It's all too brief here in CO.

Ginger Breadman said...

I'm so jealous. I wanna live there and go for a run with all the leaves.

Bre said...

Yum! I'm loving fall right now, it's so incredible to see the mountains start to change!

justacoolcat said...


Sizzle said...

it's gorgeous!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Wow! We're still green leaves & reaching towards the 90's!
How beautiful...eye candy from Mother Nature! You did a great job snappin' those pics too!

singleton said...

Beautiful. I have never ever seen anything like that in real life. Here, the leaves don't change colors, we just get one good cold snap, they all fall off and in the morning they blow into the neighbor's yard. The next day they blow into the street and just vanish. Cold spell this week-end - it will dip into the 80's! I would just wallow in those leaves! Love it!

Nicole said...

awesome pictures.

Anonymous said...

fall. yum.

Gil said...

Lovely shots. Autumn color is absolutely stunning.
Keep taking pics JustRun.

PS... Thanks for everything.