Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Fish Still Exist

What's the best way to not think about a guy? Go out with another one.

So that's what I did tonight. I met a guy for coffee and for an hour and a half, we talked about all kinds of stuff. Most important, though, is what we didn't talk about and therefore, I didn't have to think about. Other guys, of course. So that was nice.

Unfortunately, that's likely all that will come of that little meeting. Sorry to those pulling for the firefighter from the grocery store but I just don't think that's going to happen. (Short story short: nice guy, good conversation, something missing.)

I'm glad to have had the distraction, though. When a girl's feeling any sort of pressure, she needn't do more than to remind herself that yes, there are in fact still fish in the sea. Sure, somedays it feels like all those fish are of the sucker variety while other days it feels like she lives miles from the nearest shore but nevertheless, the fish exist. And they are willing to have coffee with her. And she's not likely to die alone with only her dog to witness.

I also gotta say, this blog thing? It's a good little thing to have in your corner. All your thoughtful comments were a good thing to have while getting over this speed bump that is a necessary evil in dating life. Which, by the way, I am so unacustomed to. I am not a serial dater. To have met several new people in the last couple weeks is so very foreign to me. It's making my life seem all "social experiment" and not in an entirely good way. But that, I suppose, is another story.

So thanks for your insights. I appreciate it, I really do. I've especially been reminded that one, it's okay to have a hopeless romantic side, two, I am smarter now than I was in February, and three, I can always just not answer the phone. Dear internet, you teach me so much. You really, really do.

Also, I ran 6.5 miles today at a pace 30 seconds faster/mile than my normal "fast" so I'm feeling pretty flippin' good about that too. Just saying.


Celina said...

What drama! :) Sometimes I'm sad (and maybe a little jealous) that I've missed out on the "Fun" dating scene--R & I started dating in high school and married after 4.5 years. But then I talk to my single friends and hear their horror/heartbreaking/lonely stories, and I'm reminded how lucky I am that I don't have to go through all that (as an adult).
I believe that all we can do is have fun and trust that things will work out for us in the end. Keep us posted on your Dating Status--it's very exhilerating for us "old married folks" who live vicariously through our single peers! :)

Anonymous said...

YEA for 6.5 faster!! Your knee must be treating you well. I'm glad to hear it!!!

Anonymous said...

I often funnel my frustrations into my running. Seems a reasonable outlet…

Bre said...

Please place any unwanted firemen into a large box and mail them to me.

I'm not even kidding.


skinnylittleblonde said...

What's the best way to not think about a guy? Go out with another one.
LOL, much better option compared to others that are out there...origami, alcohol, etc.
Great job on the running! I can't even imagine. It would have to be a mighty big bear to get me going.
BTW, in college (Sociology, I think) we learned that the #1 influence upon our life partner is proximity. (You will never marry someone you never know) So keep on getting out there & enjoy this social experiment.

Please place any unwanted firemen into a large box and mail them to me. Bre, be careful...I hear they carry an axe. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm all about the axe!!

Sorry Bre You can't have mine. :)

Sizzle said...

I so feel you on the serial dating. It's exhausting- mentally specifically. Sigh. But I guess we have to play the field to see if there is anyone worth cultivating, right?

I'm right there with you. Minus the running. ;)

Ginger Breadman said...

A day in the life . . . thanks for sharing - it's nice to know that there are real people out there in the world with real thoughts and emotions. And I agree that running is a great thing to have in your life.

Nicole said...

If you are single you are entitled to have fun and catch and throw back as many fish as needed to find the prince.
Have fun and follow your heart.

justacoolcat said...

Damn you and your faster running. You've already made it so I do an extra 10 minutes on the Eliptical solely so I can keep my heart rate over 150, and now I have to compete with shaving off time.

As for the guys, eh, as you're seeing it's feast or famine and you never know when you're going to meet someone. It could be at the Vet or at a gas station, all I know is when the time comes you'll be so happy you didn't settle.