Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Sometimes, you just love something and you really can't put into words why you love it.

It's amazing, fulfilling, entertaining and fun. It's a warm afternoon and a cool night, all in one. You drive down the street or you look out your window and you're in constant awe because of the way it captures you even all these years later, just like the first time.

The crunch of the leaves, the color, the change in the air all seem so familiar. It's the gentle yet obvious reminder that change is coming. It happens, whether you want it to or not.

I have such a propensity for comparing seasons to relationships, you know. Why should this one be any different? I feel like Fall (or Autumn as you refined types like to say) is like an old love.

It's something you met long ago, but are still surprised by it's ability to last. Time and time again, it is there for you and often, just when you need it. It's that soft place to land after you've been high on Summer and when you aren't ready to face the dread of Winter.

The color in the trees and the change of the winds are all a way of reminding you that the road you travel, though seeming the same each day, can really be different. If you're willing to see the beauty, it will be there for you to find it.

And all the while, it's just a reminder of how temporary life can be. The leaves that were green yesterday, are gold today and will be brown tomorrow. The problems that were new yesterday, are losing their power over you today and will be all but dead tomorrow.

So you love it. You aren't sure if it's because of the color or the cool breeze. You aren't sure if it's for the comfort or the change. But you are sure you love it because, if nothing else, you just can't help yourself.


sas said...

Beautiful post. Old love. In Florida, we have endless summers...and I love them, but they never grow old.

Dawn said...

Uggg! It's still in the 90s here in Houston!

I'm so jealous of you and your awesome, fall weather.

Neil said...

What a great description of my favorite season.

GirlGoyle said...

Fall is beautiful. Living in a place that has four seasons is like getting the chance to live 4 different places in the same year without ever moving. It's ever changing and always beautiful. Though my true love lays with summer. I will miss it until we meet again.

justacoolcat said...

Fall has always been my favorite season and old familiar love has always been my favorite love.

justrun said...

sas- Summer is my favorite too but Fall will always have that special place.

dawn- Yikes, 90s? Hang in there, girl.

Neil- Why thank you.

GG- Four seasons = four different places to live. Wow, I never thought of it that way. Thanks.

JACC- Awwww.

deepThoughts said...

You said all that I've been feeling last couple of days and more!

Josh said...

Tis my favorite season too.