Friday, August 25, 2006

And the love goes on...

A runner like I can only dream to be. Supportive. Honesty I admire. (Also, I think Breadman as a last name sounds sort of like a super-hero.)


The Back of the Pack.

Dedicated. Strong. Supportive (seriously, she'll get up at 4:00 a.m. and be your sag wagon during an Ultra).


Ms. Blackbird.

Cool. Stylish. I have no idea how I found her site but I'm glad I did.


Robb, the Runner.

A dedicated hub and dad. A good runner. Just don't mention coffee.


Gil, the Native Eye.
He doesn't comment on my blog but I still like his photos very much.


See Joe Run. See Joe Swim.

Got off his butt and changed his ways. Now he's super-fast. The only thing he loves more is his family.


Celina P, from Mississi-P .

Girl is way busy. And has been in school for twenty years. And loves her R.


There you have it, bloggers. I am absolutely certain I left someone out. It is going to bother me all weekend, wondering if I hurt someone's feeling across the internets. I apologize in advance. In fact, if I left you out and you feel comfortable emailing me to let me know, please do. You and I will, together, write a song about us and our blogging relationship. How's that sound?


Dawn said...

Cool beans! I'm gonna check those sites out.

Joe said...

I did not know that I was one of your heroes! Thank you! Hopefully I can keep on inspiring you.