Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Out of the funk and into the fryer


You know that feeling, when the sky seems a little brighter and the edges seem a little smoother? Well I'm starting to feel that. I'm starting to get out of the funk. It may seem like this whole funk thing was pretty quick, which makes me seem bipolar, but it was not. It was slow moving and took several days to run it's course. My own little Tropical Depression, except without anything tropical (which probably would have solved the problem in the first place).

Anyhow, I'm glad it's decided to move on. I'm going to blame it on hormones and my current forced state of rest. I know full well that it hasn't completely disappeared but I can feel it leaving and that is a good feeling. I suspected it would, I just didn't know when.

I can honestly say, though, that I experienced something with this funk that I never had before. I received an email from "Jimmy" informing me that my posts were "boring."

While I know it's not enjoyable and entertaining to read about how some girl in Colorado can't seem to feel better, last time I checked, no one's paying me to be entertaining. What's here is what's here, what do you want me to do? Obviously, by offering up an e-mail address I'm open to this kind of inquiry. What I can't understand, though, is why anyone would care that much.

Jimmy also asked me what I thought my purpose here was.

Here's an excerpt:

Your posts have been boring lately. It's like you don't care. One day, you're entertaining the next you're not. What are you trying to do on your blog? Do you want to be funny? Or do you want to be serious? Is your blog about running? Is your blog about dating? Is your blog about being single? What?

I almost replied, but why reply to one when you can spout off about it to all?

I know whatever I write here isn't about one thing. But it doesn't have to be about anything. Sometimes it's about work, sometimes it's about running, sometimes it's about dating and sometimes it's about nothing. No one needs approval to write about their life on the internet. Unless they want to make money, then I think it's just a matter of finding a niche.

I started this about six months ago and out of the hundred or so posts, I'd say I really only like five or six of them. I don't expect anyone else to like them, either.

Anyway, most days what makes this thing fun is the other people's blogs I get to read. I would never think of demanding something more from them. I like them so much, in fact, the only complaint I'd have for them is they don't post enough.


Runner Girl FL said...

Holy Crap!!! There is pressure to be entertaining?!?! I'm screwed!! Don't worry I like coming here to read about how life out west is much like life in the south east. :) (Only we trade Hurricane season for snow season)

Sizzle said...

jimmy needs to shut the F up.

your blog is perfect the way it is. i will never understand why people feel the need to send negative comments. i really wish those people would go get a life!

p.s. i think you are fabulous.

Celina said...

We all get in those "funk" moods...just remember to breathe! "Jimmy" can just go screw himself! I agree completely about only liking a few of my posts, they are all just reflections of our day-to-day emotions, moods, and activities. Your blog is for YOU, we're just spectators! :)

justacoolcat said...

This post confused me, at first I felt good that you are feeling better, then Jimmy messed it all up, and to top it all off there was no running or dating commentary . . .

I mean what kind of blog is this? ;-)

Perhaps Jimmy could help us all be more entertaining bloggers.

If only someone could jimmify my weak attempts at jimmying the jim jam out of blogging.

Isn't jimmy slang for male genitalia?

GirlGoyle said...

Leave it to Jimmy to go screw things up just as the fog was lifting. Sourpuss! I don't know if I should bash him or not even bother. After all the only Jim worth mentioning really is one whose last name is Beam.

JCC is right, maybe you could have him as a guest blogger to teach us all a lesson on how to be more entertaining. Oh wait! He's totally missed the point! I don't think any of us blog to entertain others. We blog to entertain ourselves and if what is going on in our heads isn't entertaining enough for others then there is always the option of hitting backspace on the browser-bar. Blogging is about life,dating,running or whatever else you want it to be. Now run along Jimmy and go be anoying somewhere else. Let the adults have a conversation.

And for the record I look forward to reading your blogs daily.

justacoolcat said...

as do I

Bre said...

Screw Jimmy.

Last time I checked, your blog was about you.... and that often involves what you are currently feeling.

I get those now and again too and I've made myself a special folder called "idiots"

I echo Sizz - you're fun and fabulous!

deepThoughts said...

Give no attention to what Jimmy says. Your blog is awesome and always great to read :) Don't change a thing about it!

Sister Buckle said...

Maybe Jimmy was feeling a little ineffectual in the bedroom so he thought he'd go out into the world and tell people his wisdom ;)

JustRun said...

RGF- Thank you.
And as much as I don't like the snow, I'll let you keep the hurricanes.

Sizz- No, you are.

Celina- Our own worst critics, I'm sure.

JACC- I am not sure Jimmy = genetalia. I am, however, pretty sure Jimmy = tool. Except Jimmy Buffet, which = only good.

GG- Thank you. And likewise.

JACC- Thanks again.

Bre- Thank you. And yes, I think that particular folder is also called "trash."

DT- Thank you. I'm so very glad to have you.

SB- Ah, yes, the result of so many frustrations, eh?

jackt said...

Just write what you want. We'll all read it if it's interesting. It's usually interesting.