Thursday, June 15, 2006

I was an entertainer, once

When I was younger, I was known as a bit of a "ham." I was shy at first but once you got to know me, oh boy was I fun! Depending on the occasion, I could always be counted on to sing, dance or perform in some way that would amuse those around me. If someone wanted to put on a play for their parents, I wrote, directed and produced an entire story in a matter of minutes. If a girl wanted to write a poem for the boy she liked, I taught her how to read it out loud and make it rhyme. I had all kinds of big ideas and all anyone had to do was say the word. I did this for many years until I realized a. I had absolutely no talent and b. people weren't going to be nice about it forever.

The last time I remember this happening was when I was fourteen and on a road trip with my best friend and her mom, brother and sister. We drove from Colorado to Phoenix and stayed with her aunt and uncle.

Her uncle was going through a hard time and the rest of us decided we'd throw a little party to cheer him up. We decided on the beach party/barbecue theme. My first big idea was that we play Jimmy Buffet music all night. It only snowballed from there.

While my friend's mom and aunt worried about the cooking and decorating, my friend, her siblings and I decided we'd put on a little show for everyone. Conveniently, one of the uncle's favorite songs was "Cheeseburger in Paradise" and if four kids singing about meat didn't cheer him up, nothing would.

We spent the next four hours working on our show (and by we, I mean me). We had parts and solos; even choreography. We made up some costumes and by show time, we were really feeling like entertainers.

The adults all knew we had worked hard so they made a big deal. They dimmed the lights, we took our places (in front of the fireplace- center stage in any home) and the music started. We belted our little hearts out about our carnivorous habit, lettuce and tomato and paraaadiiiiiiiiise. Not too particular, not too precise, really. But we were proud and the standing ovation we received convinced us we were a success.

A few days ago, I ran into my friend. We got to talking about family and her aunt and uncle in Phoenix. They always remember our little Parrothead show and they tell stories about it to this day. I thought I told this story best but I was wrong, because when they tell the story, they also show the video.


Runner Girl FL said...

Never...EVER...leave recorded proof!! :) Sounds like it a great time and a fabulous memory!! For all of you.

Sizzle said...

ooohhhh the VIDEO. can't escape that! hee hee. i used to do the same thing and was a total ham- i would even dance at the local pizza parlor when i could barely walk.

wait, that sounds like i was drunk. no no. i was a wee tot and liked to groove to the juke box tunes. :)

Bre said...

So... what do we have to do to get a glimpse of THAT video?!

justacoolcat said...

"My first big idea was that we play Jimmy Buffet music all night."

And you say you didn't have a talent for this sort of thing? I disagree, though I would like to see the video.

GirlGoyle said...

AAAAh....the video. It's like reading the book first and then watching the movie. They never really do match up. Sounds like it could be a funny one to see.

jackt said...

I used to try to imitate the Michael Jackson Billy Jean act. What was I thinking!!!