Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New look, same great taste

The blog is back.

Thank God! And I know thanking God is a little much for getting your blog back but that was some crazy stuff. Little things, kids, little things.

So the reason for the template change. Well, after ZERO help from blogger (yes, I know it's free) I decided I'd just try to republish my blog on the same template. Well, then I saw there was a template called "Tequila" and if you've been here for even a minute, you know I can't pass that up. So -to steal a phrase from JACC- my millions upon millions of non-readers, welcome to the new formatting of JustRun, Tequila style.

I think I was able to get everything back. I'm still messing with some of the links to your blogs and do pardon me if they're not in the order they used to be, which was really no order at all. The copying and pasting was trouble enough as blogger wanted to link a few of you multiple times. Anyway, I just slapped 'em up there. There may be a day I have the urge to alphabetize. This ain't it.

I'm just glad it's back. After the injury I'm still nursing from my Sunday race (see previous post), I didn't need a broken blog, too! Whew! That was close.


Sister Buckle said...

Hey, I like this new template. It reminds me of jogging shoes - really!

Grey shoes with green striping. Nice.

GirlGoyle said...

Whew! Glad you are back. You had me in a panic for a minute. I do agree that the templates given by blogger are nice but lacking a lot of flavor. Tequila must be a new one cuz I wouldn't have passed that one up and gone with the one and only color I HATE - pink! Anyway - digressing as usual - glad you are back and you didn't lose anything.

Robb said...

I like your new adopted template too. Looks goooood. Enjoy a bit of recovery. Sounds to me that the 1/2 was tough on you considering all of the factors that weighed in on you. Take care.

Runner Girl FL said...

Tequila!! Fantastic!! I don't blame you for not passing it up!! Looks great!! Glad you're back!!

deepThoughts said...

Glad to see you back!! The new template looks snazzy!

Sorry to read about your injury, hope you're feeling better.

Sizzle said...

thank goodness you are back. i was beginning to worry! :)

justacoolcat said...

Welcome back!

I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but I think this template is still a bit broken.

I'm looking at in in IE and half the blogs links aren't showing up until I hover over them with the mouse and I think some images aren't appearing.

Celina said...

Glad you got it all fixed! You had me worried there! :)

jackt said...

Like the new look! Blogger has been having lots of troubles with crashes and loading. I think all you Blogger users are overloading it with your brain energy.

justrun said...

SB- If they can't be flip flops, they have to at least be cute. Ha.

GG- Don't panic. :)

Rob- Yep, it's official, I'm injured. And so is my blog, still. Ugh! The frustration.

RGF- I have you linked, I have no idea why you're not showing up. If you have any suggestions and you're smarter with this blog code than I am, let me know.

DT- Thanks. I need the sympathy. hehe

Sizz- You funny lady.

CoolCat- I know. And I can't figure it out. Any suggestions?

Celina- Not to worry, I could never just abandon this life of luxury and acclaim. :)

Jack- Thanks. Unfortunately, in my case I think it's the lack of brain power that is screwing things up around here.

Runner Girl FL said...

I thought you just didn't like me anymore. ;) Just Kidding

I don't know where you think I know the code better....but there is a typo in the line for my link. the > at the end of my link is after the "Runner Girl" name rather than between the link and the name.

I see everything else just fine so I don't know what CC is seeing. If it helps for debugging I am using firefox not IE.