Thursday, May 11, 2006

Top 10 (as far as today is concerned anyway)

Yesterday was one of those days that I had to work to remind myself why I work so hard. I had to remind myself that just because I feel ugly/fat/dumb/tired/old doesn't mean that I am, in fact, ugly, fat, dumb or old (definitely tired though).

So, taking a clue from Sizzle's posts not too long ago, I made myself list ten things I liked about me on the drive home.

The following is what I came up with:

1. I'm a dreamer. Sure, I have a good base in reality, a good business mind and I'm careful with things important to me but there's always going to be that girl that imagines beyond what's sensible.

2. I like my music loud. This is how I drive home every day. No matter who it is, I like it loud enough that it feels like I'm actually part of the music, or it's part of me. The ride home is for decompression, not background noise.

3. I'm loyal. I will not sell you out.

4. I like underdogs. The littlest guy on the football team is my favorite, hands down.
Hey, I'm a Red Sox fan. I can't help it.

5. I'm driven. I'm not okay with sitting still. I need to keep trying for bigger and better or I'm just not me.

6. I'm supportive. When I believe in you, I tell you.

7. I take care of myself. I know when I need to run more or have ice cream less. I know when I need a mental break or a new adventure and I take it.

8. I use my life. I don't take my time for granted.

9. I have always had nice hair. This is not as superficial as it may sound. I really do like it.

10. My only vices are Diet Pepsi, flip flops and travel. It could be much worse.


Bre said...

4- I'm a chronic "Underdog" cheerer-on-er too. I grew up with the Eagles and the Phillies.

9 - I'm right there with you - good hair is essential!

10- Mmm... diet coke! mmmm... flip flops!

Runner Girl FL said... ya one better there on number 4, Bre.... Braves in the 80's (FL had no team then), Buccaneers, Lightning, and Devil Rays, We have a history of cultivating the "Worst team ever" here in the Tampa Bay Area. (Granted in recent years some of these teams have done we are still waiting for the Rays)

As for Flip Flops....those are a standard here in the land of casual.

Great List!!

deepThoughts said...

I'm amused that you consider list Diet Pepsi and Flip-flops as vices, but not Margaritas!

Love the list!

Sizzle said...

flip flops are a vice? awesome! count me in on that.

great list- good work on this. :)

justacoolcat said...

It must be a hair post sort of day. I don't wear flip-flops, but I always have house slippers or sandals. It gives me that oh-so-fresh-Mr-Rogers feeling when I get home.

justrun said...

Bre- Kindered blogging spirits.

RGF- I want to live in the land of casual. Now.

DT- Good point. But margaritas, for me anyway, are on a higher echelon than your run-of-the-mill vice. ;-)

Sizz- When you have over 40 pairs, I think they're a vice. Or addiction... fine line.

CoolCat- House slippers. You Northerners have such funny words. ;-)

Runner Girl FL said...

I have a guest room. Any time you wanna visit. :)

GirlGoyle said...

1. Dreamer to dreamer - dreaming is important. It's the only way to stay sane at times.
2. I'm so with you on the loud music unless it's techno - then to me it's not music at all.
4. Woohoo for the Red Sox who did it again last night at Yankee stadium!
5. Inability to sit still is a curse. I literally get myself into trouble if I'm bored and idle.
7. I'm the total opposite - i take care of everyone/everything else. I'm in last place. But if a bowl of ice-cream is involved I'll do my best to be there first. :)
9. Nice hair rules - it doesn't need anything. I get up, brush it and go. No fancy sprays - pins - cuts...bla bla bla. Who has time for that.
10. 40 pairs of flip flops?? Holy moly - that's an addiction if I've ever heard of one.