Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday Bullets

- On my regular Friday Starbucks stop this morning, I saw a guy wearing suspenders. Suspenders. He was young, good looking and well-dressed, except for the suspenders. Can anyone explain this?

- I keep having dreams about my new nephew. In my dreams, he's a baby (of course) but he can talk. And he's telling me interesting things and we're carrying on conversations. Can anyone explain this?

- Tonight I have a real date with the person I lied about in my last post. See, I told you it was based on truth. I wonder if I'll ever get the chance to tell him what I did?

- Before said date, I have to be at a fund-raiser I organized. I have received a total of three hundred RSVPs. We reserved room for 150. Yikes!

- A fifty year-old guy in my office just said "nice gauchos" to me. Yes, I am wearing them but I have no idea how he knows what they are.

- There is a show on television in which parents set up their son or daughter on a date even though the son or daughter already has a significant other. Then, they sit there and watch the "date" together with the significant other while making disgusting comments about the person they chose for their child to date. Is this honestly considered entertainment in this country? I'm ashamed of us.

- I'm not entirely sure but I think there is also a reality show based on Hulk Hogan's life. He still has the same mustache and it looks to me like the entire family is bleach blonde. Wow.

- I don't have anything else today. I want to eat lunch, I want to go home. Thrilling post, no?



GirlGoyle said...

- suspenders look very classy if worn correclty and by the right person. I think.
- Reminds me of Alley McBeal and the dancing baby. Odd. You need a vacation.
-Hopefully you will one day get the chance to tell him. And if not, his loss.
-Yikes is right!
-I have no idea what Gauchos are and I'm not 50. I thought they were S.AMerican cowboys. Humm...
-Err...TV is trash...all of it. What's this about picking a girl based on your date with her mother. Who thinks this crap up?!
-I doubt my comments helped at all as I've got your recurring thoughts: hunger, lack of sleep, readyness to go home.
-TGIF for real! I thought it would never get here. Have a great weekend!

deepThoughts said...

I'm with GG. I find young guys wearing suspenders really cute! Too bad I don't see them more often :(

Have a great date and a successful fundraiser!

Runner Girl FL said...

I am with you and GG TV is just getting worse and worse. Nothing like perpetuating the "FAT ASS" American like having them watch "other people’s lives" on Reality TV!! I am ashamed of us too. I have considered getting rid of mine...but then how would I watch sports. So I keep it (Without cable) for now…

Runner Girl FL said...

oh yeah....Good luck on the date!!

Ginger Breadman said...

Thrilling post - yes. Why else would we be reading it? Your packed fundraiser sounds like a concert with standing room only - any good music on the schedule? How truthful you are with your date usually depends on how many cocktails you have during the evening . .

justacoolcat said...

I admit it, I do and always have liked suspenders. I don't own a pair, but if they came into fashion I'd buy two pairs.

I've seen that date show, we watched it once and only once. I was disgusted.

Good luck with your big night!

Sizzle said...

suspenders, in my neck of the woods, generally indicate quirkiness. he is probably fun. or he likes to juggle.

gauchos are old school i think- like from the 40's. that could be why. OR he dresses in women's clothing secretly at home.

good luck with that fundraiser. maybe some people will not show?

jackt said...

Were the suspenders the clip-on kind or the button-on kind? Go Erkle.