Sunday, April 02, 2006


I spent all day Saturday with my cousins, five and eight. Both boys and both very smart. They also both have more energy than fifteen puppies on speed. We biked, hiked, walked the dog, played at the park, played basketball, drew pictures and put a puzzle together. I was pretty proud of my ability to entertain them, until I realized it was only noon.

Kids are exhausting, obviously. One of the most tiring qualities of all is the two million questions they have about everything. The most popular is "why?", which comes in many forms. There's "why not?" and "why should I?" And, of course, the ever familiar from my own childhood, "whhhhhhhyyyyyyyy?" followed by stomping and pouting.

The day was filled with these little questions:

Boy of 8: I'm getting bored on these little rocks. Why can't we climb on those bigger rocks?

Me: Because you have to have special equipment to climb those and we don't have any equipment.

Boy of 8: But those people are doing it, why can't we?

Me: Because we don't break the law.

Boy of 8: Dang! Stupid laws!


Me: Get your shoes on.

Boy of 5: Why?

Me: Because we're going outside. Get your shoes on.

Boy of 5: Ummm, hello, you can go outside without shoes. Duh!

Boy of 8: Yeah, there's no law.



Me: Shoot baskets so I can take your picture.

Boy of 8: Why do you want a picture of it?

Me: So I can remember what a good basketball player you are.

Boy of 8: You won't have to remember when I'm on T.V.

Me: Okay, Jordan, shoot the ball.

Boy of 8: Who's Jordan?

Me: Oh dear God.


Boy of 5: Why can't we listen to the radio?

Me: We can! What kind of music do you like?

Boys in unison: Everything!

Me: Okay, here, listen, this is a good one. It's The Eagles.

Boy of 8: Who are The Eagles?


Boy of 5: Do you have kids?

Me: No.

Boy of 5: I think you do have them.

Me: If I had kids, don't you think you would have met them?

Boy of 5: Maybe you keep them in the closet (hehehe). Do you keep your kids in the closet?

Me: Hmmm, do you think I keep kids in the closet?

Boy of 5: Yes, I bet you do. But why would you put them in the closet?

Me: Because they wouldn't quit asking "Why?"

Boy of 5: Oh.

And that, friends, is a little thing I like to call birth control.


Sizzle said...

i think just reading that post staved off having kids for another good 8 years.

:) sizz

Bre said...

oh, what joy!

I once had to explain "infinity" to a cousin of mine in the car when he was about 6. "Are there infinity cars, Bre? Infinity houses? Are there infinity boys? Are there infinity telephone poles?"

it was infinitely painful

GirlGoyle said...

I love kids...everyone else's kids cuz at the end of the day they leave. :)Sheesh...Ivan's stress free bar is looking pretty darned good right about now.

JustRun said...

Sizz- I know what you mean.

Bre- I swear they ask different questions than we used to. Kids know too much now.

gg- I agree, the kids you can give back seem to be the best. And yes, Ivan's always looks good compared to that. :-)

GirlGoyle said...

Oh hey! thanks for linking me!! Makes me feel special. Just updated some of mine. Need to add a few more but always looking forward to your blog!

justacoolcat said...

Good kids are tired kids, now getting them worn out is something else. Next time take them to that hill from your "Inclination" post and have them run it a few times.