Sunday, March 05, 2006


<-- Here's what fun looks like.

During training, about once (maybe twice) a week we'll head down and hit the Manitou Incline.
I could tell you stories about the Incline but there's a lot of history out there about this old rail of 1.1 miles and a 68% grade, so you might want to check it out yourself. Every time I'm dragging myself up this thing, I ask myself "what the hell am I doing" and yet, I go back.

The two most important things to remember about it are: It's technically tresspassing if you're on it and, it will kick your ass.

I'm off to have my ass kicked now.


justacoolcat said...

Have I ever mentioned I LOVE hills?

I'm from Duluth,Mn which is a hill just like that one, and I moved into a neighborhood of hills in St.Paul.

Hills make my daily 25 mile mountain bike rides feel worth it.

Ahh hills, I'm a freak.

justrun said...

I wish I could say I loved them. I really do. There's about a 1,200 ft. elevation change from bottom to top on this little hill.

I'm a mtn. biker myself, but my bike will never be near this thing.

stephen said...

I've seen that thing you're calling a "hill". Did you mention that you can't breathe when you're climbing up that sucker?

Bre said...

See, I'd call that the direct opposite of fun. I never will be a runner - though I was an athlete in high school and a bit in college... still... I'd rather hike the nice flat terrain of the mall anyday!

justrun said...

Stephen- No, you can't breathe. Some would argue that's actually part of the fun.

Bre- Yeah, I originally used the term "fun" sarcastically but the more I think about it, I have issues.