Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sisters, Sisters

There never were two more devoted sisters.

No, they don't walk alike, talk alike or chase the same men. Nonetheless, there were never two more devoted. So what if it took us twenty-one years to figure it out, it's worth it. The profound respect and acceptance we now have for one another is the product of those years and it appears to have arrived at just the right time.

My sister is hard to describe. I mean, how do you describe someone that's such an integral part of your life that every time you say goodbye you feel like you're losing part of yourself? How do you describe someone that makes you smile on your darkest day and knows how to ruin your good mood with one look? How do you describe someone who has taught you more than she'll ever know?

She's cute. Who am I kidding, she's gorgeous. Always has been. She's 5'5", dark hair, bright smile and has never had to diet or work out in her life. She looks great in whatever she wears, even at six months pregnant. She cooks like she's been in the kitchen for 30 years, manages finances like a pro and has a sense of humor that will kill you. Every time. It's truly one of the most unique expereinces in life to watch your little sister- the one you taught to ride her bike- tell a joke about makin' whoopee.

Nonetheless, I find myself wondering if life can always be this way. I wonder what's destined for our relationship. Will we always be able to share the way we do now? Will we always be the first to call the other with big news? Will we see geographical distance as a burden rather than an opportunity? The only thing I'm really certain about is the challenges to come. Jobs, marriage, children, parents. We have no way of knowing where we'll be a year from now. Her life takes her to far off places, my priorities change rapidly. We don't have the freedom of consistency. We'll have to try harder as the years pass and the miles between us grow.

I have faith we will try. We've been through so many challenges together, 1,900 miles is nothing in comparison. She will be there for me. I will be there for her. I know we are devoted that much, for sure.

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