Friday, February 10, 2006

National Adopt-A-Mother-In-Law Day

In honor of the mother-in-lawless everywhere, I'm adopting one for the weekend.

My sister's baby shower is this weekend and her mother-in-law flies in to join us today. She'll be staying at my house. We've only met once so there's no telling what the weekend has in store. All I know for sure is that I went home last night, spent hours cleaning the house, stocking the pantry and fridge, flipping mattresses and washing the dog to insure a good impression on a mother-in-law that isn't even mine.

I'm wondering how I'll entertain her- the baby shower will last three hours, what are we going to do for the other 69 hours of these three days?

I'm wondering if I have the right food, the right coffee, the right clothes... Why?

I'm anticipating like crazy- as if the impression I make even matters to her.

Is this the universe's way of giving me practice for the future or is it just a cruel and unusual way of showing me the "other" side of marriage [and the new family you take on]?

I hoping, though, that it's just fun. I'm hoping that it's encouraging. I'm hoping that I will see all the joys and benefits of "family expansion." I'm hoping that my sister knows just how much she owes me.

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