Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Love, Sweet Love

Valentine's Day is sweet. It reminds people about love. The Hallmarky part of the day gets on my nerves, but other than that, it's not really a terrible idea to celebrate.

I sort of like that there's a concentration on love, in general. I think if we thought about love and what it really meant to us more often, things could be a little sweeter all the time.

It's annoying that there's aisle after aisle filled with red and pink in the grocery store. It's very sweet when the elderly lady next to me asks me to read the ingredients off a box of chocolates because her husband of fifty-seven years has allergies.

It's overdone when someone sends three dozen balloons to a girl in my office when they've only been dating a week. It's sweet when the wife of another coworker finds a way to sneak in the building the night before and leave her husband's favorite cupcakes on his desk.

It's ridiculous to see the commercials imploring men to buy expensive "gifts of love" in the form of diamonds. It's sweet when I hear the guy in the next cube call his young daughters and tell them they're his Valentines.

A lot of people talk/post about how they hate the day. They don't like that it's couple-focused and they just want to go to sleep for the day and wake up when it's over. I can understand that. If you let it, days like this can bring up some bad feelings. Heartbreak can haunt you. Cards, flowers, etc. can overwhelm a person, if that's what it's about for you. It's just not for me, though. It's just about love, in any form. And that is pretty sweet when you think about it.

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Denver said...

Yeah, love love love love love... blah blah blah.