Wednesday, January 25, 2006

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While I realize it's probably incredibly annoying and boring to write about a television show, I'm doin' it anyway. If you're not watching 'Lost', I think you should. It's really entertaining at the moment and it's tough to find that anymore.

OK, enough of that.


Minerva said...

People keep telling me that but the trailer looks too scary for me... Am I right? Is it scary?

Oh, and about the comments on my blog? I am HUGELY flattered that you are sharing my posts with others, and just suggested a couple of others that people found helpful - It wasn't a personal hint as I LOVE having your comments and point of view...

Just wanted to let you know I appreciate you,


JustRun said...

Minerva- It's not too scary. A little sci-fi (among other things) but more mysterious than anything.

Thank you for being so gracious in your comments. I'm honored to read and share your writing. :-)